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Should We Send Elopement Announcement Cards?

resources imageIf you're planning to elope you might have pondered whether to send elopement announcement cards. Before that question can be answered, you first have to define "elope." In the traditional sense, an elopement is a marriage that has taken place in haste - often requiring travel to do so. A classic example is the bride whose parents do not approve of her fiancé and so she runs away to another town (or state or country) with him to marry. If this is the case, you might want to hold off on sending elopement announcement cards until after the ceremony. Otherwise, to elope is used to describe a wedding that takes place away from home (such as an exotic beach wedding) or a wedding in which a non-clergy member officiates. In either case, you should definitely send elopement announcement cards, whether you're being married by a judge, mayor or clergy member; at least, if you wish to announce your marriage to family and friends.


If designing, printing and sending elopement announcement cards seems a daunting task, be reassured that the process from start to finish is actually quite easy. You can create an original design using just about any publishing or design software on the market, from the free Open Office and Paint.NET to Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Or, you can find pre-designed elopement announcement templates with a quick online search.

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If you're designing your own elopement announcement cards, be sure to download a free layout template from PsPrint. These templates are already in the correct size, color format, resolution and include convenient safe areas, cut lines and bleed lines so you can be confident that the final print job will look just as great off the press as it does on your screen.


Once your design is complete have your elopement announcement cards printed on high-quality 16-point gloss or 13-point recycled matte paper for a clean, colorful and aesthetically beautiful look that'll make you proud to send your cards out. Be sure to save a few for your scrapbook, wedding album and photo frames. Best of all, elopement announcement cards can be professionally printed at incredibly affordable prices - starting at around $70 at PsPrint. Save even more money by looking for deals; at the time of this writing PsPrint had a special for 50 announcement cards for under $35. You have two options when it comes to sending your elopement announcement cards: you can have your printed cards mailed to you and address and affix postage yourself, or you can have your printer insert them into envelopes, address them, affix postage and send them out for you. The service is inexpensive, and you can even save money by using your printing company's bulk mailing indicia if you're sending a lot of announcements.