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Simple Poster Printing Strategies That Sell

Simple Poster Printing Strategies That Sell

Posters are great for advertising and marketing – that’s why you see them everywhere you go. And that can be a problem. How do you stand out above the rest and make a poster that people will notice and respond to? Believe it or not, the secret to making effective posters is not a secret at all – it’s actually quite simple if you know what to do. Here are a few simple poster printing strategies that will help you make the sale.

Great graphic design

OK, so it’s simple in theory, but it still rings true – great graphic design on a poster is going to get noticed. Focus on large, striking images that jump out and grab the attention of the viewer, whether it is a photo, illustration, logo or text. If your subject is too small or unpleasing to the eye, then it is not going to make a good impression. In other words, don’t settle on mediocre design if you want your message seen, appreciated, and understood.

Focus on the message

An important thing to remember is that your design has to work hand-in-hand with your message. If your message gets lost in the design, then you’re not going to get very far. You can have the best design in the world, but if it does nothing for your message then it is no good. Define your message clearly and make sure all your elements drive the point home to the viewer. A good-looking poster will not get people to act if the message isn’t crystal clear.

Premium printing

With all the competition for eyeballs, printing your poster on anything less than the best is going to work against you. The solution is premium poster printing. Think about heavy, glossy paper stock that makes colors pop and sing out to your audience. Premium printing also makes your poster last longer under adverse weather conditions like rain, wind, and snow. Plus, many people like to collect posters from events that they attend – printing your posters on premium paper will entice more people to shell out cash for a souvenir poster at your event.

Poster size and placement

Obviously, you want your posters where your target audience can see them. Make sure you are putting the posters where your paying customers will notice them and take the next step into reacting to them. Do a little homework and legwork to find out where your target audience is likely to have the most opportunity to see them. Put them at eye-level when possible and it the highest-traffic areas – make sure you can see them from multiple directions and angles.

Don’t assume that your posters will be seen by the right people, especially if your target audience is ill-defined or hard to pinpoint. Plus, make sure the posters are the right size for the space. A small poster is not going to be seen from a distance, and a huge poster is going to overwhelm someone up close. It’s usually good to have a variety of sizes so you don’t run into this issue.