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Creating a Unique Message for Your Sticker Marketing Campaign

Although an eye-catching logo or business name should be featured on your company sticker, you can strike a stronger chord with your target market by building a sticker marketing campaign around a compelling, unique message. Take full advantage of promotional stickers’ accessibility and visibility with a clear, focused tagline that emphasizes your company's capabilities and points of differentiation. This key message will reinforce your company's overall identity as seen through the eyes of prospective customers.

resources imageMarketing messages need to be heard over and over again to make an impression and prompt people to act. That is why billions of dollars are spent on TV advertising time. Promotional stickers offer a simple yet cost-effective way to reach many people. Depending on where the recipient places the sticker, this untapped marketing medium has both visibility and importance without having to repeatedly spend for multiple views.

Many businesses — from florists to graphic designers — ignore the importance of a unique tagline or slant to create interest in crowded competitive markets. Common mistakes include poor word selection, inconsistent voice and credibility. On the other hand, if you create a compelling tagline that you and your customers are excited about, chances are that you will also capture the interest of prospective new customers. Here are some proven techniques for creating a unique and effective marketing slogan for your sticker campaign:resources image

    1. Immediately characterize your product or service as a solution to a problem or need that your target audience is invested in.
    2. Make your business stand out from the competition by communicating what sets your product or service apart. This can be done in one short sentence. In fact, a focused message is less confusing. The important thing to impart is not a message they will memorize right away but a message that they will leave feeling good about. The slogan "Like a good neighbor State Farm is there," is a positive, feel-good message.
    3. Credibility or believability in your message is another factor that is often ignored. Promise only what your product or service can deliver. At the same time, be prepared to support this in your other promotional material (with more real estate to provide details) and in your business environment. Attracting your next customer's attention with an eye-catching sticker is only worth it if they act on it. A famous advertising slogan "You Can Be Sure of Shell" puts people's mind at ease, while Morgan Stanley's "One Client at a Time" emphasizes the value of the customer.

A strong and effective marketing tagline:

  • Conveys one focused message
  • Connects emotionally with its intended audience
  • Distinguishes you from your competition
  • Has a sense of urgency that the audience wants to immediately act upon
  • Has a resonance in case your next customer experiences a situation in the future where your product or service is needed
  • Must make sense and be understood by its intended audience immediately
  • Must be supported by proof and actions

Amazingly enough, even with all the aforementioned characteristics of a strong and effective marketing tagline or slogan, the fundamental advice in creating your marketing message is the simpler, the better. With the limited space for a long message inherent with stickers, you are forced to think first about what your message should be as well as the outcome of your message and overall campaign that you want.