Sticker Marketing Strategies

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Sticker marketing is a great way to promote your organization in unique and influential ways. Stickers can be affixed to almost any surface, so they can go where other marketing materials can't; opening a world of avenues through which you can reach your target audience. The following marketing strategy tips will help get your creative juices flowing for your next sticker marketing campaign:

Define your goal

Define the goal of your sticker marketing campaign right away. You might want to increase brand recognition, or you might want a direct response (visiting a website, calling a phone number, etc.). Whatever you goal is, make sure you sticker design, shape, size, placement and message all work to that end.

Add value

No matter what your sticker marketing goal is, you can increase the impact your sticker has exponentially by adding value. Consider your target audience: What type of sticker would they find useful enough to affix to their surroundings? A motorcyclist might be apt to stick a defining tagline on a motorcycle helmet, for example; while a sports fan might affix a favorite team's schedule to a filing cabinet. Also, who can miss the millions of bumper stickers advertising to all passers-by nationwide?

Place creatively

resources imageDon't just rely on your customers to distribute your stickers. Put them in everything you send out: Sales letter packages, products and more. Stick them in public areas where your audience is likely to see them; on vehicles, in restroom stalls ... you get the idea. Some ]]>sticker marketing campaigns]]> go above and beyond traditional venues such as the mouthwash manufacturer who placed stickers on the ceilings above dentist chairs or retailers who create stickers of footprints and place them on the floor leading to their best sales.

Size for placement

Make sure your stickers will fit where they'll be used. A 4-inch by 2-inch sticker might be enough for a motorcycle helmet, while in-store footprints would need to be considerably larger to get noticed.

Opt for die cuts

Die-cut stickers always attract attention. You can choose a shape that matches your organization such as a dog bone for a pet supply company, or a more subtle shape that's simply different from the competition such as a circle or rounded corners. A shaped sticker can add style and personality to your message. It says a lot about your organization without having to print a word. Sticker marketing can be a highly efficient way to boost return on investment and increase brand recognition. Follow the sticker marketing strategy tips outlined above to boost your next campaign's performance.