Using Stickers to Create a Buzz for Your Business

resources imageStickers are an affordable and effective (yet often overlooked) way to create a buzz for your business. You are most likely searching for the best ways to attract attention to your products and services while watching your advertising dollars. While your advertising options probably include a yellow pages listing, print ad in the local newspaper, flyers to hand out, postcards to mail and maybe even a website, your budget is probably too small for a billboard or TV ad. Even if you can afford the latter two, one sure-fire way to create excitement for your business and supplement your current advertising and marketing campaigns is stickers. Below are some of the best ideas to generate excitement for your products and services using stickers:

Make new customers and leverage your existing ones

Make stickers a fun way to promote your business by giving it away to both your existing customers (don't forget them!) and your next customers. Stickers are a sure-fire way to get customers who are already satisfied with your products and service to spread the word. In addition to keeping you on the top of their minds whenever they see your sticker (on their car bumper, for example), other people will see it, too.

Even small spaces can yield big results

You can use stickers to support your other advertising and marketing investments. Again, their relatively small size not only can fit all sorts of spaces, including bags, briefcases, laptops, and, of course, car bumpers, but they can also be slipped inside mailers, brochures, catalogs and shopping bags. What's more, stickers (especially well-designed ones) are less likely to end up in the trash can. In fact, they will most likely end up somewhere visible where other print materials will fail to reach.

Better than SEO (search engine optimization)?

Well, maybe not yet, but stickers can help drive your website traffic up so don't forget to place your URL on it. While its small size might not allow for much information, you can tailor your promotional sticker copy to direct new visitors to your website to learn more once you've intrigued them. Even better, use other promotions such as giveaways or discounts in your message to get them there. Again, your message isn't limited to the original recipient. They're just the beginning of the buzz chain.

Maximize your distribution

resources imageStickers are low-cost promotional items, especially if you order larger quantities. Take advantage of this low-cost advertising medium by distributing them every chance you get as part of your direct-mail campaign, at special events, and even for your employees and yourself to use. Compared to a business card, stickers don't end up in a pile to be remembered later when the need arises. Rather, stickers will be visible as daily reminders of your brand or your products and services. These are only a few smart ways to kick-off your promotional campaign taking advantage of stickers. Get creative since this advertising medium is truly unique and largely untapped yet potentially effective. Stickers are portable billboards that will get the word out about you, keep you in your next customer's mind, and even make your existing customers your best evangelists for your products and services.