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Stickers for Business Build Customer Loyalty

Printing stickers for your business is a great way to brand your company's products and services and to build customer loyalty. There are several scenarios in which you might want to print stickers for business. The following details a few of these scenarios and the benefits you can expect to realize for each. Manufacture or sell retailresources image

If you manufacture or sell retail products, you should print stickers to affix to them. Take a look at your computer, and chances are you'll see stickers for the company that manufactured it, marketed it, and/or sold it. You might see a Windows Vista or Apple sticker, or an Nvidia or Pentium sticker, to denote what the computer is running on. The goal is for passers-by to see such stickers and ultimately make purchase decisions based on what they've seen others use.

Direct mail If you sell products through direct mail, not only should you print stickers to include on the products themselves you should always send a sticker that the recipient/buyer can use. Bumper stickers, folder stickers, filing cabinet, wall and desk stickers are good examples. Add value to your stickers by turning them into helpful conversion charts or calendars; or, simply give them a message relevant to your customers.

A bumper sticker for a gun shop might quote the right to bear arms, for example. Don't forget to prominently display your logo, tagline and/or URL for total branding power! Stickers can also motivate action when included as a part of direct-mail pieces. If you're sending a sales letter with a direct response card, print a sticker that your customers will affix to the direct response card to redeem a special offer.

Stickers for employees resources imageGive stickers away to employees to place on their vehicles, bicycles, helmets, notebooks, laptop cases and laptops, and a myriad of other objects so your company is constantly branded when they're on-the-go. Print stickers for creative distribution on vehicles, signs, utility poles, mirrors, ceilings, walls, restroom stalls, phone booths, bus stations, retail windows and anywhere else your target audience is likely to pass by.

Stickers for customers Keep stickers on-hand for customers who come in to your retail or service establishment with children - make your stickers fun and engaging for the kids, but make sure you're branded on them in a way parents will notice. Couple kids' stickers with kids' calendars for a one-two punch: Kids can make their own scenes on printed calendar backgrounds using the provided stickers.

All of these business sticker printing strategies are about branding your company and building customer loyalty. Every time your stickers are registered by passers-by they build a stack of credibility for your company. When customers buy something with your sticker on it, and it works as advertised, they believe in your company. When potential customers see friends and other respected parties using your products, they believe in your company. And with the right sticker marketing strategy, when it's time to make a purchase these customers will come to you to buy.