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Best Thanksgiving Graphic Design Resources

Whether you're slammed with holiday artwork or a good client hits you with a last-second Thanksgiving postcard promo, you know how much graphic design freebies can make you more efficient and profitable while saving your back - and reputation - from pumping out arduous rush work. If you need some freebies for your Thanksgiving graphic designs, try these resources. Most are free, but make sure you check their individual licenses for commercial use. Enjoy!

  • resources imageFree downloadable Thanksgiving Photoshop layer styles are available for Adobe Illustrator from ]]>Design Bliss]]>.
  • Nab a really nice Thanksgiving scene with several Thanksgiving elements with stylish, cartoon-ish designs at ]]>Templates.com]]>.
  • This ]]>turkey-pilgrim vector]]> at GraphicLeftovers.com will cost you $5, but its unique shape and non-filled version makes it well worth the investment.
  • On Vector Maniacs you'll find a ]]>free turkey vector]]> and a ]]>free pilgrim vector]]>.
  • Free graphics aren't the only useful Thanksgiving resources for graphic designers. Most graphic designers prefer to do their own work, so inspiration is more a factor than anything else. For Thanksgiving design inspiration, learn about the history of Thanksgiving at ]]>The History Channel]]> and ]]>Wikipedia]]> to find unique and obscure tidbits you can use in your designs
  • In that save vein, you can also find inspiration for your Thanksgiving designs from family crafts and decorations such as those found at ]]>Family Fun Magazine]]>.
  • What is Thanksgiving without a feast? Get your fill of Thanksgiving design inspiration from the dinner table! Try looking up Thanksgiving recipes for colorful patterns you can use at ]]>All Recipes]]> and ]]>The Food Network]]>.