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Three Business Label Design Tips to Sell

Three Business Label Design Tips to Sell_Final

Business labels are a great way to add that extra “oomph” to your product that fosters retail sales. When it comes to business label design, a clean look with simple, easy-to-understand copy and graphics goes a long way toward attracting attention and pulling customers in to make a purchase. But great design and copy aren't the only things that make business labels such valuable marketing tools. The following three business label design tips will help you print business labels that push more profit out of every retail campaign.

1. Bright colors and contrast

One of the best attention-getting devices you can use for your retail product business labels is bright colors. The human eye is naturally attracted to bright colors such as red, white, yellow, orange and blue. This doesn't mean you have to dress your label up like a clown (though you could); if you want a more prestigious, elegant look, simply make a business label with a red background. Keep in mind that contrast is just as important to the success of your business labels. You don't want your bright colors to be missed because your label is affixed to a similarly colored product, so make sure there is enough variance in your colors to stand out. Similarly, your business label text should contrast well with your background so that it is easy to read.

2. Symbols

Another great  way to captivate attention with business labels in a retail setting is to include large symbols in your design. Not just any symbols, but symbols that naturally attract deal-savvy shoppers: dollar signs ($), percent (%), and exclamation points (!) are all symbols that naturally attract the human eye and draw customers in for a closer look. Combine them with numbers to make a powerful offer that can't be refused (50% off!) and your business labels will motivate response rate and sales at an incredible rate. You can employ creative design techniques to highlight your symbols. Bright colors and contrast help, so do bold fills and borders, fancy patterns or even crafty designs such as wrenches to spell out dollar deals at a hardware store.

3. Die-cut shapes

A third effective design strategy for your business labels is to have them die cut into relevant, attention-getting shapes. For example, you might have your labels die cut into the shape of a gift to promote the idea that the product in question would be an excellent gift idea. Or, you could have your business labels die cut into the shape of one of the aforementioned symbols, such as a dollar sign, percent or exclamation point. Perhaps the most powerful way to design business labels that attract attention and motivate sales is to incorporate all three of these strategies. For example, you might have a die-cut exclamation point in bright, contrasting colors to denote an awesome sale. Affix your business label to a product customers are already interested in, and they'll be happy to jump on the deal of the day!