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Three Businesses that Must Print Custom Hang Tags

resources imageCustom hang tags are powerful tools for product labeling and brand positioning. Just browse through your local department store and you'll pass literally thousands of hang tags, each custom made for the product or brand it represents. The clothing and accessories industries know the power of the hang tag, so they're connected to everything from T-shirts to sunglasses and iPod cases to small kitchen appliances. Custom hang tags do so much more than simply identify your brand - they bare a message about why customers should choose your brand over others. A well-established brand can legitimize practically any style of clothing simply by attaching hang tags. A company that sells green, eco-friendly products can place information about how its products are made and the company's commitment to the environment on hang tags. Best of all, in many cases hang tags are the only packaging you need - which makes it incredibly affordable to print custom hang tags. Clothing and accessories companies aren't the only ones that should take advantage of hang tag marketing. The following types of businesses should also wield hang tags to yield incredible sales results.

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1. Athletic supply companies

If you were a company that makes baseball bats and you wanted to compete against powerhouses such as Easton and Louisville Slugger, how could you convince potential customers to defect and join your team? One way would be to include a hang tag on your baseball bats that details how they're engineered and manufactured with quality/science/love/whatever else you want to say.

2. Automotive supply companies

Many automotive supplies do not come in boxes and stickers can spell trouble for parts that get very hot or move. Custom hang tags are the only packaging needed for most automotive supplies. The goal is the same in this industry as any other: to brand your company and tell a story. If your customers believe their getting value for their money (and that doesn't necessarily mean that your auto parts are cheap), all they'll need to see is your hang tag on any other products and they'll be likely to buy. You might know, for example, that Motorcraft is the brand name for Ford's OEM parts; so if you see the name Motorcraft on transmission parts you're more likely to buy them versus an aftermarket brand - unless you similarly trust the aftermarket brand.

3. Artists

Yes, art is business - even if freelance. But have you ever noticed how so few artists brand their work except for a scrawled signature? Artists, especially new artists trying to break in, should brand their artwork so customers know more about the creator. A custom hang tag is the best way to brand artwork at a gallery, shop, online retail and other markets because it does not interfere with the artwork itself. An artist who draws inspiration from constellations might want to include this information on her hang tag, for example, or a pottery artist who only uses earthenware clay for Japanese raku pottery would definitely want to espouse the benefits of her style on her hang tags.