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Three Steps To Design Your Own Sticker

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You can design your own sticker fast and easy when you know the right steps to take. Whether you want to design your own sticker to brand your company, promote your products and services, to sell for a profit, or just to have some fun with family and friends, the following will help you get started on the right track and finish with a professionally printed sticker you and your fans will love.

1.  Get a free sticker template

The first step to design your own sticker is to download a free sticker layout template. You want a layout template, which is available in the shape, size, resolution and color mode you need for successful sticker printing. Sticker layout templates also have helpful guidelines so you know how to properly position your sticker design: bleed lines to bring your backgrounds to the edge, cut lines to show you where your stickers will be sliced after printing, and safe area lines to show you where your main design should be to guarantee it will be properly positioned. Free sticker layout templates do not have graphic elements on them, so you're free to custom design your own sticker however you'd like.

2.  Create a custom sticker design

Open your free sticker template in your favorite graphic editing program – Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. Then put your design skills to work. If you're already software savvy, you'll have no problem here. If you're not much of a graphic designer but still want to design your sticker, no problem. Look around online for stock images, clip art, illustrations and other graphics you can use for your sticker design. Or, you can simply use your own photo or pre-designed logo. Make sure you extend your backgrounds beyond the bleed lines of your template, and that your main design is within the safe area. Double-check your artwork, delete the template layer and save. Now it's time to print.

3.  Print your own sticker design

Printing your own sticker design is perhaps the easiest part, but you still have some decisions to make. If your sticker is going to be used outdoors, you'll want a fade-resistant soy-ink printed sticker on a premium vinyl or clear polyester backing. If your sticker is only for indoor use, you can go with one of those choices or a gloss paper sticker backing. Outdoor stickers have a layer of UV coating to add to their durability; indoor stickers have crack 'n peel designs for ease of use. By following these three steps, you can design your own sticker fast and easy with a professional outcome. One final tip: Stay on the lookout for discounts and deals; the online printing company PsPrint, for example, often has deals of up to 50 percent off sticker printing.