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Three Steps to Great Graphic Design Marketing

3 Steps Great GD

Graphic design marketing can be all you need to promote and maintain a successful business.  Any type of business or organization can utilize graphic design marketing in three easy steps that will increase their audiences and potential customer base in a relatively short time.   Graphic design follows established sets of guidelines based on studies of which elements generate the most visual interest, and these can be applied to a large variety of topics and layouts.   The following details three steps to great graphic design marketing that will help you command attention with visuals that draw customers in for the close.

1. Have a great logo

A logo is usually the first thing that potential customers see, and savvy marketers develop logos that have immediate impact and linger in the memory.   Logos can consist of symbols, text or combinations of both.   Text logos most often consist of the business name, abbreviation or acronym in a font that conveys a lot of additional information about the type of organization.   Adding a symbol as even a small part of the logo can go a long way toward increasing its unique, branded appeal.   One thing to keep in mind when deciding on a logo is that the best logo is what the audience likes most, not necessarily what the designer likes the most.   It has to have a purpose and meet that purpose.

Use color wisely

Color has a definite effect on viewers, and it is especially important to make sure this component of your graphic design marketing conveys the right message.   Within any given layout, consistent patterns of similar colors can reinforce your message and brand image.   Different colors can also lead the eye to key sales points within advertising copy.   Remember that hotter colors such as reds and yellows have an exciting effect; these can be effective when marketing includes a call to action.   Cooler colors such as blues have an opposite, calming effect, which can be employed to earn trust.

Balance white space

Common mistakes with page layouts include using too much or too little white space.   Too few elements risks losing customer attention.   Too many elements can make a layout seem overwhelming and confusing, also leading to loss of customer interest – they can miss your biggest point entirely if your marketing materials are too busy.   A tip for effective graphic design marketing campaigns is to treat white space with the same importance as any other element in the layout.   White space can be used as a transition between points or as an area of contrast to make a specific symbol or design stand out further. Logo design, color use, and white space use are graphic design elements that can greatly enhance a marketing campaign so long as the designer follows certain guidelines.   Regardless of the subject matter, the basic design principles remain the same.   Used wisely, these three steps are vital components in graphic design marketing that boosts sales and builds your company.