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Three Unique Designs for Wedding Stickers

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Wedding stickers are popular way to commemorate your wedding with fun and function. Wedding stickers can be handed to your wedding guests, they can be used as envelope seals, and they can be affixed to any number of wedding-related items to help give your wedding and reception a more festive appeal. Printing wedding stickers is affordable and easy, but designing unique wedding stickers that differ from everyone else's – that make your wedding as special as it can be – can prove a challenge. The following lists three unique designs for wedding stickers that will set you apart and give you a keepsake you can cherish in your wedding book or scrapbook for decades to come. Wedding stickers: Photo design How can you be more unique than by printing your photos on your wedding stickers? After all, no one else shares the same look. Take a photo just for your wedding sticker so it fits nicely into your design. You can add creative filters such as black and white, color only for eyes or other effects if you so choose. Or, use Photoshop tools to turn your photos into silhouettes or cartoons for your wedding stickers. Brainstorm different ways you can place your own images on your wedding stickers, and you'll be sure to come up with something creative and unique to commemorate your special day. Wedding stickers: Initials or phrase design You can also design wedding stickers with your initials or a shared loved phrase as your centerpiece. Your initials can be intertwined in a creative, yet easy to read, script. Your phrase could be a poem, a religious verse, a quote, or something of your own construction. Put your phrase or initials in your wedding colors, or make them silver or gold and use your wedding colors as backgrounds, borders, and outlines. Wedding stickers: Unique shapes design You can take advantage of affordable sheet sticker printing to have wedding stickers designed in shapes such as circles and ovals. Or you can come up with a unique shape just for your wedding stickers, such as hearts, diamonds or the outline of your faces together. Keep in mind you can employ any of these three techniques separately or you can combine them into a single sticker that demonstrates how special your love is, your gratitude to your guests, and how uniquely special your love is. Your wedding stickers are your own — you can make your wedding stickers what you want them to be. No matter how you design your wedding stickers, make sure you print them on premium materials such as gloss paper stock, vinyl or polyester with a reputable online printing company that has state-of-the-art printing presses and excellent customer service. Doing so will ensure your wedding stickers are just as perfect off the press as they are on your computer screen.