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Tips for Thanksgiving Greeting Cards That Earn Business

Thanksgiving greeting cards

When you think about Thanksgiving, Black Friday and holiday marketing, you probably think about catalogs, newspaper inserts, flyers, posters, postcards, and banners. All of these print marketing materials are excellent choices, but it also pays to consider marketing avenues your competitors are likely ignoring. Doing so makes you more memorable and increases the chances your customer base will follow up and make purchases. Thanksgiving greeting cards are perfect marketing tools because they're unexpected, they command attention, and they have a personal touch that lends trust and credibility to your business. If you want to get a leg up on your competitors this holiday season, take advantage of the following tips for Thanksgiving greeting cards that earn business.


Sincerity is your biggest ally when it comes to Thanksgiving greeting cards that earn business. When customers feel your greeting cards are sincere they will remember you when its time to buy. Sincerity helps establish relationships with your customers and engenders long-term customer loyalty. Use your Thanksgiving greeting cards to thank your current customer base and to offer well-wishes to those you have yet to do business with.

Include an offer

In order to maximize your profit potential your Thanksgiving greeting cards should include a special limited-time offer. You can thank customers with a discount or freebie. Make sure you track your return on investment by inserting a redeemable coupon or coupon code so you can evaluate how effective your greeting card marketing campaign is at landing sales. Then, you can tweak future campaigns for success.

Targeted mailing list

Thanksgiving greeting cards mailed to the wrong audience will yield poor results. Create a custom mailing list that targets your current customer base and those individuals or businesses who meet the demographics of your best customers. Coupling a killer offer with a targeted mailing list means you'll have a powerful campaign that's practically sure to land sales.

Custom design

Print greeting cards with custom Thanksgiving designs to lend more credibility and uniqueness to your business. This further separates you from your competitors and lends the impression that you operate a solid, financially firm company your customers won't hesitate to do business with. You can create your own design by downloading a free greeting card layout template; or, ask your greeting card printing company to have their designers create a custom design for you. Don't forget matching envelopes to command attention at the mailbox and lend a cohesiveness to your marketing materials.

Premium printing

The quality of your greeting card printing is integral to the overall success of your Thanksgiving greeting card campaign. When you print premium greeting cards, your designs look outstanding and your cards feel great in customers' hands. These factors lend more credibility to your company and increase the likelihood that customers will respond because they will feel comfortable doing business with you. The best part is you can print high-quality Thanksgiving greeting cards for cheap when you select the right online printing company.