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Turn Promotional Calendars Into Sales Machines

You know that promotional calendar marketing is a cost-efficient way to get your company in front of many customers 365 days a year - that's branding. But do you know how to turn your promotional calendar into a sales machine that goes beyond branding over time to yield instant sales?

Monthly calendar promotions

resources imageIt's one thing to print a calendar that your customers will want to display, but it's something else entirely when your customers not only want to display your calendar but also take action from it. A pet store might print and distribute a full-color catalog depicting images of puppies, kittens, fish and other pets; but a savvy pet store might distribute the same catalog with a relevant monthly promotion that encourages direct sales. In this case, January might have some cute puppies and a clip-out coupon for dog food; February might depict a few frolicking fish alongside a coupon for a discount on marine animal supplies, and so on. Themed calendars such as these are poised to sell to well-defined niche markets.

Holiday calendar promotions

Marketers know that holidays are perfect for spinning new promotions, and since calendars are the go-to reference for most holiday dates they're also the perfect avenues for pushing holiday sales. You could include a special sale on each holiday date square on your calendar, or make a list of holiday sales on the top calendar image each month. Better yet, incorporate a cut-out coupon, coupon code or VIP pass into your calendar design; this has an added benefit of catching the eyes of passers-by when your calendars are displayed in a work setting.

Kids calendar promotions

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Some say word of mouth is the best form of marketing; however, it could be argued that nagging children are far better at getting their parents to open their checkbooks than all other marketing mediums combined. For companies that sell products intended for children, calendars are a great gateway for reaching both kids and their parents. For starters, you can design vivid, creative calendar artwork that captures the imaginations of children and gently reminds them that there are complementary toys or other products available. Or, design a background image and include fun stickers so kids can make their own scenes. Just like with monthly promotional calendars and holiday promotional calendars, you can include coupons and other specific incentives. The kids will take it from there.

Don't forget sales basics

Instead of thinking of your promotional calendars as branding tools, start thinking of them as direct-sales pieces. Take this philosophy with you to the drawing board so you can develop creative calendar promotions using the basic - yet powerful - tenets of direct marketing: start with a well-defined distribution list (and matching calendar theme), make a can't-refuse offer, stack it with features and benefits, and make it easy for your customers to take advantage of your great limited-time offer. Package these elements with stellar design and captivating copy, and your calendars will pull double-duty as branding mechanisms and direct sales machines that boost your return on investment in both the long and short terms. Don't forget to print on high-quality calendar paper to lend credibility to your company, products and services.