Unique Design Ideas for Mommy Cards

resources imageMommy cards are all the rage among mothers seeking play dates for their children - and themselves. They are the gateways to new friendships for the young and the slightly less young, and they open doors to babysitters and lifelong fun and support. If you're going to print mommy cards, don't settle for a drab design that makes it look like you're boring as well. Instead, elect to go with a remarkable design that sets you apart from the rest and practically guarantees your phone will be ringing off the hook when it comes time to engage in a social life. The following unique design ideas for mommy cards will help you come up with a creative mommy card design that is exclusively yours.

Spice up the basics

Every mommy card needs basic information such as your name, contact information (phone number or e-mail address), ages of your children, and perhaps links to a ]]>Facebook]]> profile, or website. Skip the Times New Roman and choose a typeface that represents your personality. If you're technically savvy, you might opt for Calibri; if you're old-fashioned, you might choose Book Antiqua; and if you're jolly and humorous, a Comic Sans might be the font for you. You can also add more than the basics, including your interests, hobbies, what your family is seeking in playmates/friends, etc., to increase the odds that you'll make great complementary social connections.

Add a splash of color

resources image

Forget a boorish white background and instead choose a colorful background that reflects who you are: a passionate purple, a jolly orange, a romantic red, a calm and peaceful blue, or an athletic green. Chances are whatever color or color combination is your favorite will do just fine. You can also choose local colors if your school system has adapted them.

Say cheese!

Photos are a great addition to mommy cards and also help others remember you by putting a face with a name. You could include a photo of just yourself, or a photo of your and your children, or your entire family (including the dog!). If you want to be truly unique, make it an action photo instead of a portrait so others can see you and your family enjoying your favorite hobbies as part of your active lifestyles. You can also set your photo as the background for your entire mommy card, which creates opportunities to do more with your photos since you have more space to work with. Just make sure your typeface can still be easily read against your photo background!

Cut it up

Last but not least, consider a die cut for your mommy cards. You can have your cards die cut into any shape or style you'd like, from a soccer ball for a soccer mom to elegant rounded corners for a touch of pizazz. No matter how you design your mommy cards, make sure they represent you so that others know you are as unique as the card you've given them.