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Unique Earth Day Graphic Design Ideas

resources imageWhen it comes to Earth Day and Arbor Day graphic designs, most organizations roll out materials with images of the earth and trees in varying shades of green. Being that the two holidays are all about preserving the earth's environment, this is appropriate. But what if you want to capture attention by being different in your designs without straying from the traditional holiday themes? With a bit of creative brainstorming, you can create unique Earth Day and Arbor Day artwork for postcards, brochures, banners and flyers without sacrificing your message of care and preservation.

Create a new logo/icon

Draw a logo just for Earth Day (or Earth Week) or Arbor Day that's unique to your specific organization, product or service. Instead of a green circle on your postcard, base your logo on something that's relevant to your business. One example would be a hardware retailer that creates an Arbor Day logo based on the silhouette of a shovel. You might even draw some branches and/or leaves jutting out of the top of the shovel's handle. Similarly, a water supply company might make a blue logo for Earth Day that's based on undulating waves.

You don't have to be green

Green is the universal color of the environment, so much so that "going green" refers to the practice of adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. The problem is that when everyone's designs are likewise green, it is very difficult for you to stand out from the crowd if you decide to follow the flock. Instead, craft your Earth Day and Arbor Day posters, postcards and banners from different colors. The reds, yellows, oranges and browns of autumn would serve as striking contrasts to the many shades of green that permeate so many Earth Day and Arbor Day designs, as would the blues of the oceans (in fact, the Earth Day flag is blue).

Does it have to be a tree?

resources imageMany Arbor Day and Earth Day designs depict the planting of a tree, which is the traditional volunteer act during Earth Week. Despite the tradition and the name, there is no law that states you must plant trees on Arbor Day. Encourage those who see your designs to plant something different, such as a giant bird of paradise or grand duke of Tuscany (climate-permitting). You can draw your brochures and flyers around planting exotic trees, palm trees, etc., instead of traditional maple and pine.

Depict a unique cause

Research rare and unique species that are endangered due to environmental reasons, and choose one to be the centerpiece of your design. Don't settle for sea turtles or rainforest tree frogs (overdone) and other well-known endangered animals. Instead, find something with a captivating appearance that doesn't get much press for a strikingly different appeal. A Mount Graham Red Squirrel or Fairy Shrimp are unexpected, and it is this sense of surprise that often earns posters and postcards a second look, a longer glance, and captive audience that takes action on your message. Simply run an online search for endangered species to find Earth Day and Arbor Day design inspiration from the kingdoms Animalia and Plantae.