Unique Easter Design Ideas

resources imageBunnies, chocolates, the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth: These are all common Easter design marketing themes. Easter marketing can be a trifle difficult when you're trying to design a postcard, brochure or poster that elicits the spirit of the holiday without settling for looking like the competition. At the same time, the theme of rebirth and new beginnings present plenty of opportunities for straying off the beaten bunny trail. Here's a look at some unique Easter design ideas you can use to make your marketing campaigns more effective this year.

Remake your logo in Easter pastels

Bright, glossy Easter pastels remind customers of the vinegar-stained, egg decorating joy of youth. Images that remind us of pleasant memories have the benefit of attracting immediate, undivided attention, and so you can't go wrong by incorporating Easter pastel greens, blues, pinks, purples and oranges into your color scheme. Bonus benefit: If your company is already well branded, the logo difference alone will become a conversation piece.

Easter theme change-up

Common Easter themes are easily recognized but otherwise boring by virtue of repetition. Bunnies and candy are expected, and so it is the unexpected that really has value. The trick is to retain an Easter theme while being so different your customers can't overlook your designs. Sometimes a simple switch is all you need; for example, you might place a purple bunny or a product-shaped chocolate on the front of a postcard. Other times, you could be more extreme: One church Easter postcard campaign placed images of contemporary people in place of Jesus Christ in Bible scenes to demonstrate that the church could help them with their suffering.

Use Easter die cuts in your designs

resources imageEaster has so many recognizable shapes that it's hard to resist using them as die cuts to attract attention to your brochures and flyers. Bunny ears, baskets, Easter eggs, the cross, palms and many other icons have come to symbolize Easter. As a designer, it's your job to choose a shape for your direct-mail marketing materials, so start off with a die cut and build an incredible design within.

Use these Easter design ideas in tandem

You can make your logo in Easter pastels on any marketing material. You can combine a die cut with a deviant theme. You might make a flyer in the shape of a bunny head, for example, but fill it with a collage or other designs that have everything (or nothing) to do with Easter. You could simply focus on your special Easter offer and otherwise design your marketing materials as normal. The sky is the limit, and if you apply creative thinking and well-rounded strategic planning to your direct-marketing campaigns your Easter basket will be full this year.