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Use High-Quality Printable Announcement Cards

resources imagePrintable announcement cards have made it stylish and easy to get your incredible news out to family, friends, business associates and others without breaking the bank. Printable announcement cards are perfect for weddings and engagements, graduations, confirmations, births, business grand openings, sales announcements and just about anything else you want to tell the world about. Best of all, you can save money by designing your announcement cards on any computer and printing them straight to your desktop printer. The loss in quality is justified by the price reduction, right? Not so fast - this study shows why printing announcement cards on your desktop printer might not be as cheap, and professional announcement card printing might be more affordable than you thought.


A newly engaged couple designs their own printable announcement cards. They're debating on how to print the 200 announcement cards they need: He wants to print them at home to save money, but she wants them professionally printed for perfect quality.

Solution No. 1:

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He gets his way, and the couple prints their announcement cards at home on their desktop printer. They go to the local supermarket and purchase two black ink cartridges ($15 x 2 = $30) and two color ink cartridges ($20 x 2 = $40), since they know it will take at least this much to print 200 pages on their desktop's high-quality setting. They also purchase 10 packs (20 sheets each pack) of pre-scored announcement card paper with matching envelopes for about $15 per pack ($150). The total price comes to around $220. Back at home and happy to have saved thousands of dollars, he begins printing the announcement cards. Everything goes well at first, but then the thick ink begins to smear. The paper jams, ruining sheets and forcing him to go out and buy more. It takes more than an hour for the announcement cards to print, and the couple have to monitor the printer the entire time. Then - because they want full-color printing on both sides of their announcement cards - they have to do it all over again. It's a complete hassle. Once the announcement cards are finally printed and dried, the couple then spends another 20 minutes folding the pre-scored cards - only they don't always fold straight down the score. The print quality is OK, but not perfect, and she is not the least bit thrilled with their announcement cards.

Solution No. 2:

She gets on the PsPrint website and discovers that she can print 200 5-inch by 7-inch announcement cards, full color on both sides, with professional quality inks on super-thick 16-point gloss cover paper stock, complete with matching envelopes and pre-folded for convenience, all for about $210. Realizing that the couple will save time, money and hassle, she orders the announcement cards through PsPrint and is happy to get professional-quality printing at an affordable price.


Professional announcement card printing beats desktop printing, both in terms of price and quality, hands down.