Use Personalized Calling Cards

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Personalized calling cards are more than business cards; they're a gateway to your credibility as a business and a business person. Unfortunately, many companies treat the exchange of personalized calling cards as little more than a formality when in fact each hand off could be the beginning of business relationships that lead to tens of thousands of dollars in revenue. If you feel that your business card is lacking the edge needed to capture your prospects' attention and imagination, turn it into a dynamic personalized calling card that your customers will be proud to show to their peers.

Meaningful image

The vast majority of business cards that include photos of the person who hands them out simply depict a bust of that person in a rectangular box in one corner of the card. While it's a good idea to put a face with a name, doing it like this on your personalized calling card tells prospects little more than that you do things a lot like the competition - and that statement certainly doesn't give you an edge over anyone. resources imageInstead, your personalized calling card should showcase you (or your product/service) in action, doing what you do to help your customer in whatever capacity you do. If you're a landscaper, your card should depict you standing next to a beautifully landscaped lawn. If you're a graphic designer, your card should highlight you creating a design - perhaps completing a watercolor of yourself.

Expressive tagline

A lot of business cards have ambiguous taglines ... they sound cool, but they don't really mean anything to the customer. Your tagline should not only express what your company does, but how you relate to your customer. Why are you the best person for the job? Remember that customers form relationships with people, not companies; and many request a certain sales person when they visit. They trust the person they work with, and so your tagline should embody that trust.

Call to action

It's amazing how many business people - even professional marketers - do not include calls to action on their personalized calling cards. Even something as seemingly cheesy as "call me at 555-5555 today and I'll show you the way" can boost customer confidence in your abilities; and when applied to the right design won't seem cheesy at all - it will seem prestigious.

Professional printing

Think customers don't pay attention to the quality of your calling card paper stock? Think again. A thick, sturdy 16-point gloss cover stock adds an elegant sheen to your cards and feels slick and stable in your customers' hands, while a 13-point recycled matte cover stock lends richness to your colors and prestige to your message. For even more effect, choose from options such as a die-cut personalized calling card with rounded corners, in the shape of a Rolodex or in the shape of something relevant to your business (such as a dump truck for a contractor). Your personalized calling card is all about drawing attention to you and setting yourself apart from the competition. Use these techniques, along with your your own creative brainstorming, to come up with a unique and compelling personalized calling card that lends credibility to your persona and ultimately leads to sales for your business.