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Using Direct-Mail Marketing to Get Customers

resources image Utilizing direct-mail marketing to acquire new customers is one of the best ways to efficiently grow your business without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips on how to do it right:

Find your audience

The great thing about direct mail is that you can send your mailers to a highly targeted audience, which means you're not wasting money on unqualified leads just to reach your prime prospects (such as in newspaper advertising). The quickest and easiest way to do this is by purchasing a mailing list that contains prospects that fit your prime demographic — the people or businesses most likely to benefit from your products and services. If you already have a loyal customer base, your new mailing list should reflect demographics comparable to these customers. Pay attention to the ages, income, careers, geographic location, lifestyles and other factors presented by your current customers and apply them to your new list. If you don't have customers yet, or if you want to attract a new audience, evaluate what your product or service is and who will most benefit from it. Define the new demographics and purchase a list based on those parameters. If you need help, marketing professionals such as PsPrint can help you match your products and services to your target audience.

Compare the competition

If your target audience is already using similar services or purchasing similar products provided by a competing company, your direct-mail pieces can compare what you offer to what they offer. Point out the benefits to switching to your company (a better price, superior customer service, etc.). You could depict a comparison chart, or take a more subtle approach. You could say something like, "All the bells and whistles the other guys have for one low price," for instance, to demonstrate that your product is just as good, but more affordable. Now, make a great offer that solves your prospects' problems, and they'll be tempted to take the next step in the purchasing process.

Send multiple mailings

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Direct-mail campaigns are always more effective when you send multiple mailings to the same targeted mailing list. This is especially true when you're trying to attract new customers who might not have heard of your company, product or service before. Sending six different mailings spaced four to six weeks apart will help your brand leave a lasting impression on prospects and build trust. You can make a sales pitch in every mailer, but remember that the most effective campaigns often incorporate more than one mailer so you can build up to your pitch over time. You could send a postcard to introduce your company, for instance, followed by a brochure to give detailed information on your products and services, followed by a catalog to make it quick and easy for your prospects to view your entire line and make an order. Later, you could send a greeting card that demonstrates your commitment to personalized customer service. Once your prospects understand who you are and what you offer, it will be much easier to make sales and convert the competition's loyal customers into your loyal customers. Other factors, such as the quality of your offer, your direct-mail format and copy, and your direct-mail design all work to influence your customers. By infusing the above strategies with these tried-and-true techniques, you'll soon realize that using direct-mail marketing to acquire new customers can yield big results.