What Customers Buy on Earth Day

resources imageOutside of trees and perhaps the shovels to plant them with, what do customers buy on Earth Day and Arbor Day? The answer isn't as specific as you might think. Sure, a few might opt for eco-friendly products after mass media reminds them that going green saves the environment; but the fact is that customers buy everything on theses day. Most people do not change their purchase habits during Earth Week in April. As such, the important question becomes why customers buy on Earth Day and Arbor Day and not what they buy.

Tenacious targeting

Given that the 40/40/20 rule of direct marketing dictates that 40 percent of your success is dependent on your mailing list, it certainly behooves you to spend ample time developing your mailing list and distribution points so you can more effectively tailor your offer (another 40 percent) to your target customer. The remaining 20 percent of success is based on everything else: design, copy, etc. Knowing this, is your time well-spent? For every campaign, do you spend 40 percent of your time building a great list? If you have a great list, your customers will respond to your message. That is why they'll buy from you.

Dazzling design

resources imageWhether you're printing postcards, banners, brochures, flyers or something else entirely for your Earth Day and Arbor Day promotions, your ability to field a winning design will determine whether you can draw customers in to your offer or whether they'll pass you by with nary a glance. Great Earth Day designs motivate customers to take a closer look, read a little more and follow through with the next step in the purchasing process. This is another reason customers will buy from you.

Compelling copy

Great copywriting works with your design to highlight features and benefits, deliver a clear and compelling call to action, and motivate customers to respond to your offer. It's usually a good idea to have your postcard, banner, brochure, poster or flyer copy written first so that your design can be tailored to it. Your copy tells customers why they should buy from you and is a workhorse when it comes to return on investment. Great copy persuades customers to buy, but poor copy repels. Invest in a good copywriter, and you'll be more likely to land sales not only on Earth Day and Arbor Day but also any day of the year.

Perfect printing

Contrary to what some marketers assume, professional printing generally costs less than desktop printing - but is of much, much higher quality. Printing affordable full-color postcards and flyers will generate a higher return on investment if you use a state-of-the-art printing press and pro quality papers, inks, and finishes - especially if you can print using soy inks and eco-friendly recycled paper stocks.

Viral variety

You never want to rely on one marketing technique to boost your Earth Day and Arbor Day sales. Instead, incorporate a multitude of strategies to blanket your market and generate viral buzz that spreads by word-of-mouth. Market early and often, and distribute posters, flyers, banners and brochures to any and all high-traffic areas your customers frequent. Send at least two postcards or catalogs in the mail to reinforce a personal touch, and watch the orders come in!