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What Customers Buy on Thanksgiving

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If the question "What do customers buy on Thanksgiving?" were asked on "Family Feud," responses would probably be in the range of turkeys, food, cornucopias, pilgrim and Native American decorations, and other Thanksgiving-themed products. But if the question were asked to a seasoned marketer, the response would be much simpler: everything. The real question is not what customers buy on Thanksgiving, but why they by on Thanksgiving at all. More specifically, you might ask why customers buy on Black Friday - the day after Thanksgiving that is reported to be the biggest shopping day of the year. Just like any other time of the year, if you can identify what motivates your customers to make a purchase on Thanksgiving, you can target your sales pitch for high-profit sales on turkey day and beyond.

Get to know your target audience

First things first: You have to know your target audience. For many businesses, this is not going to change much for Thanksgiving; but some businesses, such as certain department stores, the market segment might vary slightly from season to season and holiday to holiday.

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Be aware that identifying who your target audience is and knowing your target audience are two different things. When you identify who your target audience is, you're compiling the demographics that make up that group - age, income, gender, career, location and other factors. But when you know who your audience is, you've taken the time to walk a mile or two (or 200) in their shoes so that you understand their problems, desires and dreams as well as the motivators that compel your audience to purchase goods. This is the golden nugget, the information that will make your business if you can acquire it. Once you know your target audience, you can go about identifying ways you can solve their problems, fulfill their desires or otherwise make their lives better through your products and services. Craft a Thanksgiving offer that fill a void for your audience - an incredible deal that they can't refuse. Coupled with having a clear understanding of your audience, the quality of your offer will directly affect your return on investment in a huge way.

Launch your marketing campaign

Everything else is wrapped up in your delivery. A multi-faceted Thanksgiving marketing campaign strategy will help brand your company, increase offer awareness and motivate direct sales. Start with placing banners and posters in prominent areas your customers are likely to visit. Distribute flyers and door hangers. Take out advertising in newspapers, magazines, trade journals and on radio and television stations, and online. Top it off with a direct-mail catalog or postcard-to-website mailer that pulls everything together and delivers a compelling call to action. Remember that potential customers will equate the quality of your products with the quality of your sales materials, so don't skimp on design and printing. Go with a quality online printing company such as PsPrint. There are no special tricks or gimmicks to making Thanksgiving sales, and there is no real answer to the question of what people buy on this holiday. The key is in knowing why people buy and filling that niche.