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What Is the Best Poster Size for Sales Success?

resources imageSo many intricacies are involved in customer decision-making that marketers often find it difficult to pinpoint the finer nuances of what influences purchases over passes. When it comes to poster size, choosing how large or small to make a printed piece might seem a minute detail but it can make all the difference. So what is the best poster size for sales success? The answer, as with many aspects of marketing, largely depends on the application or distribution point. The adage that bigger is better stands true in many cases, but not all, and so here's a quick breakdown of what poster sizes you should use for various applications.

Outdoor motor traffic

If your primary audience will be zipping by (or jammed tight) on the roadway, print large posters so you can easily attract the attention of many at once. Yes, in this case bigger is better and posters sized from 24 inches by 36 inches to 27 inches by 39 inches are your best bet. The sheer size of these posters makes it easy for you to incorporate dazzling design and compelling copy into a remarkable piece that's remembered far beyond the intersection where it is posted.

Outdoor pedestrian traffic

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Sidewalk-lining walls, shop windows and doors, community bulletin boards, and other pubic arenas where pedestrians frequent are great place to market your business with posters. Sometimes large posters are good choices, depending on the available area and your customers' vantage point (for example, a large wall across the street). In most cases, however, smaller posters sized between 11 inches by 17 inches and 18 inches by 24 inches are your best bet because they're large enough to capture attention yet small enough to be viewed and read up close.

Indoor pedestrian traffic

Just like outdoor pedestrian traffic, your poster size is contingent on your surroundings and the layout of your interior environment. Think of it like goldfish: the larger the tank, the larger the fish grows and in kind, the larger the room the larger your poster should be. Use smaller poster sizes for hallways, meeting rooms, doors, and most windows; and opt for large, oversized posters for auditoriums, trade show walls, concert halls and other large event venues. As you can see, the perfect poster size for your marketing campaigns depends largely on the venue in which your posters will be posted. It's important to consider how your posters will be viewed from your customers' perspective and size accordingly - the easier to read and understand without sacrificing attention-getting size, the better chance you'll have of converting potential customers into profitable customers. And no matter what size poster you print, remember that quality printing denotes a quality company that provides quality products and services - at least in public perception. Have your posters professionally printed to lend the impression that you can be trusted to deliver as promised. It's one of the most economical ways to instantly increase your return on investment.