When Should You Use C1S Paper Stock?

C1S Paper Stock

There are so many different kinds of paper stock your business can choose from that sometimes the options can be a bit overwhelming. One of the most popular types of paper stock is C1S, which at first can seem a bit confusing. What is C1S paper stock? The letters stand for “Coated One Side,” which means that one side of the paper is coated with a protective gloss or matte and the other side is not. The advantage to C1S paper stock is that you can design and protect a great-looking print marketing material on one side, and leave the other side for writing handy notes. C1S is especially useful in the following applications.

Business cards

C1S paper stock is commonly used for business cards so that you or your customer can scribble a quick note on the back, like an alternate phone number, pricing or a location that isn't already included on your business card. Business cards are so often employed in face-to-face dealings that printing with C1S makes perfect sense – it offers a casual yet businesslike way to share information. Business owners will tell you that these little conveniences will inevitably add up, and in some cases could even make or break a sale or other action you wish your customers to take. If they have an easy place to write things down in front of them, such as pricing, for example, they've shown an interest and commitment in your service and more often than not will act on the information they've taken the time to put down. Without a place to write information down, they might not. It's possible they'll remember your competitor's price as being cheaper, when in fact it's not, but they wrote it down.

Appointment cards

C1S paper stock is also frequently used for appointment cards for the same purpose as business cards, so that notes may easily be made by you or the client on the non-coated side. This will allow for your customer to have a convenient space to write on, which is actually more important than it sounds. Any effort you can make – even as simple as paper selection – to allow for your customer to have an easier, more prompt experience, is a good one. And of course, doctors, dentists, attorneys and many other appointment-based service businesses routinely employ appointment cards as convenient ways for clients to remember their appointment dates and times, as well as any special instructions. Of course, for business cards and appointment cards, you can skip the coating all together, and try uncoated business cards.

Greeting cards

C1S paper stock is a popular choice for greeting cards, for perhaps obvious reasons at this point. You'll notice the next time you receive a birthday or anniversary card that the paper is actually different on the inside than the outside of the card. This serves two functions: the card's design is enhanced and protected by the coating, and the sender is still able to pen a personal note inside – along with a check, if they really like you.