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Why Businesses Should Print Thank-You Notes

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Sending thank-you notes is a great idea for businesses because it lets your customers know that you truly appreciate their business and singles them out for gratification, which makes them feel valued. Also, a thank-you card for a previous sale is a great way to remind a customer of their experience with you and is a very subtle way to give them an opportunity to use your services again. Sending thank-you cards is something that every company should do, and here's why.

Benefits of thank-you notes

A major benefit of thank-you notes is that after you have dealt with a customer for the first time, you can let them know about additional products and services that you offer or upsell them on current products and services in a way that won't be deemed intrusive or offensive. For instance, including your business card and a mini-catalog with additional products that they might be interested in with your thank-you note is perfectly acceptable – and can lead to many new sales as well as establish long-term, loyal customer relationships. Thank-you notes do not always have to focus on sales, however. In many cases it is prudent to send a thank-you note simply to tell customers how much you appreciate their business in earnest. This is especially true for big ticket items such as automobiles and boats. When customers feel valued, they are more likely to do business with you again. To boot, including a hand-written, personalized line or two in with your custom-printed thank-you note is sure to help customers feel special so you can begin to lay the foundation for a healthy business relationship.

Thank-you notes are cheap to print

Thank-you notes do not look cheap; in fact, they appear as if you've invested quite a bit of time and money to make sure your customers understand that you appreciate them. But looks can be deceiving, and the reality that thank-you notes are exceedingly affordable to print and just as easy to scrawl a quick note on and send. You can print custom thank-you notepads on 70-pound paper with your name and company logo on them alongside space for your hand-written notes – and then simply tear off a sheet whenever you want to say “thanks.” This method would run about a nickel a sheet. Or, you can print custom letterhead to serve as your thank-you notes. One thousand sheets on premium paper with your custom design would run less than 20 cents each. However, the most popular way to send thank-you notes from small businesses is in custom-designed greeting cards. You can print greeting cards with your custom design on C1S 14-point gloss premium paper stock (coated on one side only so you can write a note on the inside) for right around 11 cents each. Toss in matching envelopes for about three cents more. It is important to think about thank-you notes as investments rather than expenses. Work them into the prices of your products and services if you like (another dollar for each sale is probably not going to break most deals). No matter how you do it, thank-you notes are another form of marketing that, though often overlooked, can yield huge dividends that other methods can't touch.