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Why You Should Print Postcards Online

Why Print Postcards Online

Most small business owners, managers and marketers know the power of postcard printing, but have you ever considered why you should print postcards online versus local printing companies? The following details several good reasons for printing postcards online. Why print postcards online? To best answer that question, we should first examine why you should print postcards in the first place. Postcards are some of the most effective weapons in your marketing arsenal. Not only are they cheap to deploy, they can be sent to a well-targeted audience so you're only investing marketing dollars on those who are already interested in your products in services. This combination boosts your return on investment and leads to healthy sales and business growth. The advantages to postcard printing are great, but the benefits of printing postcards online make them even greater. More control When you print postcards online, you control the entire process from the design to the delivery. You can upload your own design (or a design created for you) and instantly proof it electronically to send it to press. The online postcard printing system allows you to double-check your layout to ensure your design elements are properly positioned pre-press, so you won't have mistakes that surprise you at the last minute. More options Large online printing companies that serve small businesses can offer more printing and finishing options than most small local suppliers. You can choose between several premium paper stocks and finishes such as glossy and matte, opt for UV coating, and select binding options such as hole drilling, wire O and saddle stitching. What's more, you can save time and money by having your online postcard printing company handle the addressing, postage, and mailing of your postcards – all you have to do is submit a mailing list; or, use your printer's mailing list generator to create your own list based on your customers' demographics. If you have a green agenda to follow, you can also find more eco-friendly printing options when you print postcards online. New eco-friendly printing technologies such as soy inks and recycled papers are at your fingertips for a great price. Better pricing When you print postcards online, you can get superior professional quality products at much lower costs. State-of-the-art digital and offset printing presses coupled with volume printing mean you can print more for less. This means you can enjoy an increased return on investment and more profits when you choose online postcard printing. Best of all, you can instantly compare prices for different postcard printing and finishing options using the widgets at PsPrint. And not only are the regular prices excellent, if you keep an eye out you'll notice steep discounts you can take advantage of to launch a highly targeted postcard marketing campaign for an even cheaper investment.