Window Cling Design Ideas

Window Cling Design Ideas

Window clings are some of today's hottest marketing tools, and for good reason: window cling designs are compelling and can be deployed any time of year. Window clings are cheap to print, especially given the fact that they can be used time and again for seasonal promotions; just buy your window clings once and use them for half a decade or more. Best of all, window clings aren't just for on-location services, retailers and restaurants – window clings can be used to promote any business, product or service anywhere there's a window, any time. All successful window cling marketing campaigns begin with good window cling design, so read on for some window cling design ideas that are perfect in any situation.

Window cling design ideas for on-location retail

When you're a retail store in a mall or off the street, getting attention first and then convincing customers to come in to your store are paramount when it comes to window cling design. If you're promoting a special sale, bright colors that spell out your big discount are good ideas.

You can also showcase your products and services with images. You can also use images to make a point, humorously or otherwise. One big-name glass cleaner company ran a window cling campaign with window clings designed to look like people walking into windows – their faces were funny but the window cling designs also made the perfect point: the glass cleaner was so good, you wouldn't even know the glass was there.

Another way on-location retailers can use window cling designs to promote their business is to set a mood. A boutique shop, antiques dealer, or other small niche market retailer could create a window cling design with specific fonts, borders, logos, and other graphic elements that match the mood, style, and nature of the business within.

Window cling design ideas for restaurants

Restaurants can benefit from many of the same window cling design strategies as on-location retailers because the goals are similar: to get customers in the door to make a purchase. But restaurants can appeal to a very specific human need: hunger. Try printing window cling designs that depict featured menu items alongside special price deals.

Many restaurants can also capitalize on the experiences they provide. A sports bar and grill, for example, might create window cling designs that place an image of football players going up for a ball behind a meal deal and price. Such a window cling design would demonstrate the niche atmosphere the restaurant provides and attract targeted patrons.

Window cling design ideas for off-site and web-based businesses

If you operate a web-based business or off-location enterprise, you can still take advantage of window cling designs to promote your brand, products and services. Find empty buildings that have large storefronts in high-traffic areas, and then contact the owners to work out a deal that allows you to use their windows for advertisements – at least until leasers move in. You'll find many are open to renting you the space, especially since they still have to pay the utilities and taxes on their buildings when they're empty.

Other businesses might be willing to offer you similar deals. Look around for businesses that aren't using their window space to its full potential, and approach the managers or owners to see if you can work out a window cling arrangement. Now, all you have to do is follow the strategies outlined above and send customers to your location, online or off.