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You Don't Need To Be a Designer To Create Custom Holiday Cards

Create Custom Holiday Cards

Do you lack design skills but want to create custom holiday cards to send to friends, family members or even your customers? No problem, because you don't need to be a designer to create custom holiday cards. The following details how you can create custom holiday cards fast and easy without knowing the first thing about graphic design.

Why send custom holiday cards?

Before we discuss how to create custom holiday cards, let's first cover why you should send custom holiday cards in the first place. When you create custom holiday cards, you're able to add a personal touch to your communications. That's perfect for holiday party invitations templates, for which you'll want to be able to add the date, time, location and any additional messages; as well as season's greeting cards, for which you might want to include personal touches such as a family photo or even your own poetry.

Custom holiday cards are also perfect for seasonal marketing, since they allow you to add your company logo and a personal message expressing gratitude for your customers or even to announce a special sale and deliver coupons or coupon codes. Finally, while buying generic retail store holiday cards might seem easy the fact is printing your own custom holiday cards is not only affordable but even easier than buying generic cards.

When you print custom holiday cards, you never have to go to the store in the first place – you can do everything right from your computer and have your holiday cards and envelopes delivered right to your home or office. Or, you can even supply a mailing list and have your printing company take care of stuffing and sealing envelopes, addressing them, applying postage, and mailing your holiday cards for you – completely hands-off! Sending custom holiday cards is faster, easier, and far more meaningful than going the store-bought generic route. Now, let's take a look at how you can create your own custom holiday cards today.

Visit the PsPrint Design Library

Creating your own custom holiday cards starts with a visit to the PsPrint Design Library, which contains hundreds of professionally designed holiday card templates. You can use the sidebar filters to find cards by holiday, size, special occasion, industries and professions, styles and themes, colors, logo ratios, orientation, and more. Browse through the PsPrint Design Library to find the perfect holiday card design, and then move on to the next step.

Customize your holiday card design

Once you've selected your perfect holiday card, you can use PsPrint's online tools to customize it. Add your own personalized messages, logos and images to the cards. Move different design elements around with the built-in Design Library tools. Depending on the card you've chosen, you can edit the front and back as well as interior panels of your holiday card. Choose between different fonts and colors for typography that matches the card style and your personalized message. Add your logo wherever appropriate, and include family photos, staff photos, or any other images you'd like to turn your professionally designed holiday card into your own custom creation. Once you've finished customizing your card's look, move on to the next step.

Review your custom holiday card PDF proof

The PsPrint Design Library will instantly generate a PDF proof you can open to review how your holiday cards will look like when printed. Be sure to double-check your layout, image placement and text for errors, both grammatical and typographical. If something needs corrected, simply go back to change it. Once everything looks perfect, check the box to approve the artwork and move on to select your printing options.

Select your holiday card print options

With the design phase complete, now you can choose options for printing and finishing. Options include your choice of paper stock, whether to include envelopes (and what type of envelope paper stock you want), whether to have your holiday cards scored and folded or scored and left flat. You'll also be able to select the quantity of holiday cards you want to print as well as your production/turnaround time. Any promotional discounts will also be included at this time.

Select your shipping options

Next you'll choose whether to have your holiday cards mailed to your mailing list or delivered directly to you. If you're sending to a mailing list, you'll need a well-targeted list and to know when you want your holiday cards to be delivered. If you want to send your holiday cards yourself, you can select that option and move on to the next step, which is to enter your zip code and select your shipping method.

Review your order and checkout

Finally, you'll be given an opportunity to review your entire order and checkout. Once you're paid for your printing and other options, your custom holiday cards will go into production according to the artwork, options, and time line you've selected. Once printed, they'll either be mailed to your recipients or shipped directly to you. As you can see, printing custom holiday cards is a simple, fast and easy process that has many benefits over simple generic store-purchased cards. With the power of the PsPrint Design Library at your fingertips, you don't need to be a graphic designer to send custom, personalized holiday cards after spending just a few minutes at your computer.