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Affordable, Quality Printing for Less

resources imageSmart companies are always on the lookout for ways to reduce costs and increase profit margins, no matter the current economic state. One of the easiest ways to do this is to cut your printing costs. Printing for less is a concept lost on many marketers. They understand that print quality has a dramatic effect on return on investment, so many are hesitant to look for opportunities to print cheap. Cutting costs does not always mean cutting corners; when done wisely, cheap printing can propel a company's direct-marketing campaigns to new heights. The trick is to reduce costs without reducing your impression.


The paper your promotional pieces are printed on is vital to campaign success, but that doesn't mean you have to choose premium paper every time. A high-grade 70-pound white wove paper stock serves just as well as professional letterhead as a 24-pound synergy bond. Brochures printed on 80-pound gloss look nearly as good as those printed on 100-pound gloss, and a glossy coating on any printed piece looks nearly as good as a UV coating. Choosing the cheapest, flimsiest paper doesn't make sense, but neither does choosing the most expensive paper. Strive for a happy medium that looks great and costs little.


Using size to boost impression is an oft-employed technique, but in most cases it involves printing larger materials, which adds to overall costs. With a dash of cleverness, you can take advantage of the huge influence afforded by downsizing your printed materials. This is especially true if you have a thoughtful, poignant message that deserves special consideration. Remember that the reason unique sizes work so well is because they're different from the norm, not necessarily because they're larger. Pay attention to size prices, because sometimes standard printing sizes are more affordable to print than small custom sizes.

Get a pre-made die cut

Die cuts increase return on investment and help project a branded image, but they can be expensive to produce. Slash your die-cut printing costs by choosing pre-made die-cut templates. Since the dies and corresponding design layout templates are already fabricated, you won't incur additional fees beyond the typical die-cut press fee. For inspiration, check out the PsPrint Die Gallery where you'll find hundreds of pre-fabbed die cuts to choose from for your materials.

Order an electronic proof

resources imageIt's always a good idea to get a hardcopy proof, but if you're making minor changes or have worked extensively with your printer before you can skip the printing and mailing fees and opt for a free electronic proof instead. You won't be able to definitively gauge color-fastness, but you will be able to double-check everything else and it doesn't cost a dime. Printing on the cheap doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality or return on investment. Be targeted in your offer and distribution, creative with your copy and design, and take advantage of affordable quality printing materials to boost your profit margin overnight.