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Anatomy of a Successful Brochure

Brochures are a marketing mainstay because they're highly effective in multiple applications. Leave-behinds, point-of-sales, direct mail, inquiry response, and sales support are all names for different types of brochures that take different approaches to achieve the same end: more sales. Let's explore the basic elements that make up a successful brochure:

Headline and offer

resources imageA bold, compelling headline is the first thing most people notice. When well written, brochure headlines captivate your audience and reel prospects in to read the rest of your message. Powerful headlines play into your audience's emotions. They solve a problem, fulfill a desire or avoid a fear. Often, the most powerful headlines combine the element of emotion with the presentation of your offer: "Stop paying too much for Product XYZ. Save 15 percent or more when you call us today!" As mentioned, the offer is integral to brochure success. Make sure your offer is front-and-center - if it's not in your headline, make sure it's in your first paragraph of body copy. A good offer has value to your target audience, so try to imagine what it would take for you to take the next step in the purchasing process so you can find ways to trigger your customers' motivators.

Features and benefits

Features and benefits make up your brochure body copy. Remember that a feature refers to a static fact about a product, service or company; while a benefit refers to how a particular feature will make life easier, better or more secure for your audience. Successful brochures also include supporting evidence to back up performance claims. This can come in the form of testimonials, call-out boxes, quotes, statistics, charts, graphs and other devices.

resources imageOffer recap and call to action

The end of your brochure should always include an offer recap to remind your audience that a great deal is on the table, and a call to action that motivates immediate response. Provide several response channels, including e-mail, telephone, website or physical location, so your prospects can respond within their respective comfort zones. Put a deadline on your offer for a more powerful call to action.

Stunning visuals

Great design lends a core theme to successful brochures and funnels readers through the key points and on to the offer recap and call to action. Invigorating images that evoke complementary emotions should be used throughout your brochure; and from a bird's eye view every brochure should play a role in branding your company.

Quality printing

No brochure is complete with out professional finishing. Successful brochures are printed on high-quality gloss or matte paper stocks; using vivid inks on state-of-the-art printing presses; and have crisp, clean folds. When you print brochures through an established online brochure printing company such as PsPrint, your designs brim with brilliance and your brochures feel sound and comfortable in your prospects' hands. A brochure that incorporates all of these elements, coupled with on-target distribution, is primed for success. Follow these tips to develop your own profit-pounding brochures.