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Baby Invitation Cards That Make It Into Scrapbooks

resources imageBabies are the ultimate source of joy and the perfect cause for celebration. Many proud parents send baby invitation cards to friends and family to announce the pregnancy, baby shower and the newborn baby. A large number of those invitations are not only sent out, but destined for display in scrapbooks, baby photo albums and picture frames for decades to come. For beautiful baby invitation cards that make it into your scrapbook, try these tips.

Design your baby invitation cards

Your baby invitation card design should be uniquely yours, whether it's for your baby shower or to celebrate your baby's birth. Take photos of you and your baby to place on the card, and open up a graphic design program (or even MS Word or Open Office) to craft your awesome design. Have some fun with it - make it your own and don't worry about perfection - even the minutest flaw could become an invigorating conversation piece if displayed in a frame down the road. Plus, your personal effort will mean more to your children once they grow. Photos, personalized messages and even funny inside jokes are acceptable for baby invitation cards. Alternatively, you can get a free baby invitation card template from several sources. In most cases, all you have to do is change one or two images and the text. You can get free design templates complete with cut lines, bleed lines, and a clearly marked safe area from PsPrint. Your last option is to hire a professional graphic designer to create a unique design for you. If you don't have the budget for it, see if your local college has some design or art students who will do it for free to pad their portfolios.

Print your baby invitation cardsresources image

Once your baby invitation card design is complete, have your cards professionally printed by an online company such as PsPrint. For true framing quality, you'll want a professional print job and not the meager attempt your desktop printer will make. Don't worry about the expense of pro printing, either. It costs about as much to have your baby invitation cards printed professionally as it does to buy the ink and paper to print them yourself - minus the headaches and hassles of time-consuming paper jams and ink smears. Choose a high-quality paper stock, such as ultra-thick 16-point gloss cover or 13-point  recycled matte cover, to print your baby invitation cards on. Add longevity with a protective UV coating, and a touch of class and prestige with a foil stamp declaring your baby's birth "official." Finally, have your invitation cards folded by the printer to save yourself time.

Send your baby invitation cards

You can print your baby invitation cards and mail them yourself; or, if you have a lot of recipients, you can have your printing company mail them for you. Order matching envelopes with your invitations, send your mailing list to your printer, and you're done!