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Best Groundhog Day Graphic Design Resources

Finding free graphics for Groundhog Day can be a bit tricky since there's really not a whole lot to go off of (there are only so many groundhog vectors out there). Fortunately, you as a graphic designer have a very creative mind and you can brainstorm some remarkable designs from an otherwise-limiting theme. Here are some Groundhog Day graphic design resources, including free vectors and inspiration, you can draw from to forget your own unique creations for postcards, posters, banners, brochures and other Groundhog Day print marketing efforts.

Groundhog Day vectors and tutorials

resources imageUpon first inspection, free Groundhog Day vectors and other graphics are difficult to find online. A Google search reveals no usable free results in the first several pages - no Illustrator vectors or Photoshop tutorials.however, one can create free groundhog vectors by downloading free groundhog images using the Creative Commons search engine. Simply put "groundhog," "groundhog day," "shadow" or any combination thereof into the Creative Commons search box, check the boxes for artwork that allows commercial use and modification, then search through user-uploaded images on Flickr, Google Images and other sources to find groundhog pics you can use in your designs. If you want to turn the images you've found into vectors, search for tutorials on how to do so using Illustrator and Photoshop. It's easier than it sounds.Then,you can use your new Groundhog Day vectors in your own designs. Make sure you double-check the license for each file you download - keep it legal!

History and tradition as inspiration

resources imageProbably more useful than free groundhog images, vectors and tutorials is Groundhog Day graphic design inspiration. Since the theme imagery is somewhat-limited, coming up with fresh ideas to make your designs stand apart from the competition can prove to be a challenge indeed. The trick is in learning as much as you can about the holiday and its traditions, so you can identify unique focal points and imagery for your designs. Start with Groundhog Day history from ]]>Wikipedia]]> and other resources. There, you'll learn interesting facts such as the prediction accuracy of famous groundhogs and the legends behind the holiday's origin. You can use these tidbits to craft creative Groundhog Day artwork that is original and refreshing to the eye. Groundhog Day crafts are another excellent source of graphic design inspiration. Some of the most creative minds on earth are those of mothers, grandmothers and childcare providers who are constantly brainstorming new arts and crafts activities. You can refine these concepts for the professional stage.Check out Groundhog Day craft ideas at ]]>About.com]]> and by running a search at ]]>Family Fun]]>. Last but not least, Groundhog Day recipes can inspire patterns, color combinations and even entire marketing concepts (such as healthy eating for little kids - eat like a groundhog!). Find Groundhog Day recipes by running searches at popular recipe websites and check out ]]>Child Fun]]> for some original ideas.