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Using Big Brochures to Grow Your Revenue

Ordinary doesn't do it in today's competitive marketing environment. Everyone is vying to get your customers, and some unique sales tactics have evolved that will help your campaign make the leap from ordinary to extraordinary overnight. One of the best profit-boosting techniques is oversized brochure printing.

Bigger is better

resources imageUsing big brochures to grow your revenue is one of the easiest and ingenious strokes you can implement to any marketing campaign with very little added cost. The benefits to big brochure printing are many: Bigger brochures are not the norm, so they immediately captivate your audience as they take a closer look. On display racks, they command the most attention. As sales tools, you can fit more information or larger images on them, and they're great for unfolding a timeline or a sales graph. As leave-behinds, they won't fit in paper shredders. When it comes to branding, customers won't forget when they received your big brochure and who it was from. All of these serve as tools to get your brochure the most exposure. In the hands of the right audience, a well-designed brochure with great copy will result in a very strong return on investment, and printing big brochures is the quickest way to intrigue your prospects and entice them to open them to see what's inside.

Choosing a size

resources imageHow big should your brochures be? It depends on the application, really. For point-of-sale brochures, you might have to go with an 8.5-inch by 14-inch, so your brochure will fit in the rack but still be visibly larger than others around it. If you're mailing brochures as part of a direct-marketing campaign, try 11-inch by 17-inch, which will likely be the largest piece of mail your audience receives, but it will still fit in most mailboxes. Brochures that are going to be used during sales pitches, conferences or as leave-behinds should be 11-inch by 25.5-inch. These mini billboards are large enough to use when pitching to a crowd yet still manageable enough to effectively showcase your offer. Think of big brochures as more advertising real estate, and try to use them in clever applications. A big brochure could be themed like a newspaper, for instance, and placed in waiting rooms. Many people will scan headlines on the newspapers others are reading, so multiple prospects are simultaneously marketed to from one brochure. Another neat thing to try is to weave the oversized design in with your copy: "We couldn't fit our HUGE SAVINGS on smaller brochures!" is one concept you can play with. When it comes to marketing, bigger is nearly always better. Having the biggest advertisement always costs more because it always performs better. The same can be said for brochures. If you want to get noticed and laser your brand into the minds of your prospects, you can't go wrong with big brochures.