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Brochure Design: Dare to be Different

resources imageWhen it comes to marketing products and services, being different is the name of the game. Your entire brand image should differentiate you from the competition in a positive way that entices customers to choose you over them. Being different is good, and there's no better way to demonstrate your differences than through your marketing materials. As a staple of nearly every marketing plan, your brochure offers the perfect opportunity to stray from the norm and wow your customers with a unique design sure to turn heads and open wallets. Here are a few brochure design techniques you can employ to be ... different:

Make a photo album

Oversized visuals coupled with compelling copy are the perfect solution for any company brochure. Turn yours into a photo album that showcases your product or service in action - in the hands of your users - and the results of that action. Smiling faces, satisfied customers, and proof-positive charts and graphs round out such stimulating brochures. For a more of lasting impression, print a square brochure that resembles a cherished family album to set the tone.

Print big, multi-paneled brochures

Few things attract as much attention as the largest item, so your brochure can become an instant hit if you simply supersize it to 11 inches by 17 inches or 11 inches by 25.5 inches. This doesn't mean you should double the information - just make everything bigger! For a powerful presentation, turn your super brochure into a four-panel double parallel fold or right-angle half fold to keep your customers interested in learning what's next.

Turn your brochure into a book

resources imageWho says a brochure has to be a three-paneled tri-fold? You can make waves by turning your brochure into an informative book, guide or toolkit. Go with a multi-page booklet format to achieve the look and feel of a prestigious brochure your customers can't afford to miss. Add a saddle stitch or Wire-O finish for an engaging piece that carries weight and builds clout.

Disruptive design

Have you encountered the term "disruptive technology"? It refers to revolutionary technologies that change human thought and/or behavior. Disruptive technology is not bad, despite the name implications; rather, it tends to open doors in an ever-evolving world. You can draw inspiration from this concept for your brochure designs - what can you create that will change the way people think or behave in your industry forever? In the marketing world, being different is a virtue. Follow these suggestions or use them as springboards for your own inspiration to craft outstanding brochures that are a cut above the rest.