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Attention-Grabbing Brochure and Flyer Layout Ideas

resources imageNothing says wasted money more than bland brochures and flyers, since the ultimate goal of these premier marketing pieces is to attract immediate attention and elicit a response from your customers. When it comes to marketing brochures and flyers, the more colorful, vibrant, stunning and different the materials are, the more impact your company will have with clients. Here are a few interesting brochure and flyer layout ideas you can incorporate into your next-generation designs.

Creative layout

  • Combine two or even three panels into one graphic element
  • Cut columns in half from top to bottom with full-spread images on top and columned text underneath
  • Add a long wave or swoosh that spans the entire inside layout and contains text or images
  • Used themed separators and boxes, such as wire separators and fuse boxes for an electrician
  • If you have three major points, instead of using panels as separators define a fulcrum at the bottom of the page and use multi-colored light rays to display the content
  • Try using solid blocks of color spanning the page horizontally to separate key ideas or as an accent to other graphic and text elements on the page

Creative use of color

  • resources image

    Use a sharply contrasting two-color design

  • Forget about form, at least for a minute. Use plenty of white space and simply spread small text and graphic elements around the page. In one of the corners, include a large cross section of the company logo or a box with bulleted sales points
  • Incorporate different hues of the same color in different geometric shapes throughout

Creative design elements

  • Shape your text, such as a dog-shaped paragraph for a pet groomer
  • Follow a die-cut flyer outline, as in using round-cornered boxes congruent to a rounded corner die-cut
  • Use bright graphical elements, shapes and images as bullet points
  • Use extra-large images and very little text, especially if the brochure is for a design studio or interior designers
  • Place one intriguing image with a drop shadow on the front of your brochure or flyer, surrounded by nothing but white space
  • A blown-up cross section of a logo or widely-recognized object as your background can be very exciting
  • Use the company logo as a separator between key selling points
  • Instead of the traditional mug shot, show the featured person in on-the-job action. You can fade everything in the picture except for a clear square around the person's face to give a dynamic mug shot effect
  • Use three successive swirls; one containing an image, one blank and one with text
  • Try a huge font for one word that sums up the entire company. For example, the word "Valuable" would work as an excellent description
  • Have one of the company's representatives pose for a smiling shot with their palm up, as if they were holding something (or pointing to something). You can place an image or text in the palm of their hand
  • You can use these ideas as a springboard for your own concepts. There are literally thousands of ways you can use attention-grabbing brochure and flyers layouts. Above all, let your creative juices flow, experiment and have fun - perhaps you'll even surprise yourself.