Affordable Wedding Invitations for Budget Weddings

Planning a budget wedding doesn't mean you have to pass on elegant wedding invitations. In fact, you can print as many as 500 affordable wedding invitations for under $100 - and this includes your own custom design on professionally printed paper. Here's how you can print affordable wedding invitations for your special day on a budget without sacrificing the splendor your wedding deserves.

Affordable wedding invitation design

Often, one of the biggest expenses associated with custom wedding invitations is a graphic designer. Professional design services can easily cost upwards of $100 to $200 per hour, but there are three ways you can get affordable wedding invitation design for far less.

First, you can design your own wedding invitations using your favorite editor. Download a free wedding invitation layout template so you can be sure that your file is correctly setup, and go to town experimenting with different images, effects and fonts. Alternatively, search for print-ready wedding invitation design templates that allow you to change text and images.

If you want a professional design for your wedding invitations, you can submit a project for bid at websites such as Elance and Odesk. Both sets allow you to set your budget and choose from a number of graphic designers, some who might come in well below the $100 per hour mark. You could even get a designer for as little as $20 per hour (just make sure you check portfolios so you're getting quality work for a great price).

Third, you can contact your local college's graphic arts and marketing departments to see if there are any design students seeking to build their portfolios. Soon-to-be graduates need a fresh portfolio in order to enter the job market, so they're often willing to cut you a great deal. Get the right designer, and you could get a $1,500 design for under $100!

Affordable wedding invitation printing

Not only can you get stunning invitation design for cheap, you can have your beautiful invitations printed on premium paper with state-of-the-art inks without breaking the bank. For a bright gloss, choose super-thick 16-point C2S or C1S cover stock. The latter allows you to handwrite on the inside. If you want a rich, elegant sheen and an eco-friendly wedding, choose 13-point recycled matte cover stock.

Another budget-saving trick is to skip formal greeting cards for your wedding invitations and instead go with postcards, which are incredibly cheap to print and send via bulk mail because they are lighter and do not require envelopes. This is how you can get as many as 500 wedding invitations for less than $100. Best of all, you can still get postcards in premium gloss and matte papers.

When it comes to wedding invitation printing, your choice of ink is as important as your choice of paper. Today's premium printing companies have switched from petroleum inks to eco-friendly soy inks, which produce more vibrant colors.

You don't need the bells and whistle of foil stamping if you're on a budget, and you do not need to print oversized cards - simple-yet-elegant 5-inch by 7-inch wedding invitation cards are perfect for most events. When you incorporate these printing techniques, your designs will have flair and you'll stay under budget. Best of all, your stunning wedding invitations will last for decades so you can place them in your wedding and/or photo albums when you return from your honeymoon!