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Build Your Business Fast with Thank-You Notes

Thank-you notes are a great way to build your business, though their power as marketing tools is often overlooked. The reason thank-you notes are good for business is that showing your appreciation to others earns appreciation and respect for you. This, in turn, opens many doors that lead the way to business benefits such as repeat business, customer loyalty, preferential treatment from suppliers and employee productivity. When you send thank-you notes, your business earns an admirable reputation that makes earning money easier on every level.

Thank-you notes for customers

resources imageYour customers are the pulse of your business, so it makes sense that you should send thank-you notes to your customers after they've made a purchase. Print thank-you notes that are customized to your business and then hand-write personal messages whenever a customer makes a purchase. If yours is a volume-based business, send out custom thank-you notes with pre-printed messages to save time. Put yourself in your customers' shoes: You work hard for your money, try to make intelligent buying decisions, and you've just made an investment. Wouldn't it make you feel valued - even special - if the seller personally thanked you for your trust? Purchases aren't the only time you can send thank-you notes to customers, either. If you host a conference, seminar or other event you can thank potential customers for their attendance. You can thank customers for taking a sales call, agreeing to meet with you or just about anything else that has to do with the overall sales process. No matter the prompt, a meaningful thank-you note vastly increases the likelihood that you'll convert interested parties into customers.

Thank-you notes for suppliers

resources imageIf you hire contractors, work with distributors or deal with other suppliers to operate your business it's a good idea to send thank-you notes for their contributions to your success. In this scenario you are the customer, but as the customer you recognize that it takes more than one element to grow your business. When you send thank-you notes to your suppliers, you increase the likelihood that you'll get a better price, a heads up on an upcoming limited-supply deal, increased quality and smooth problem solving/customer service. Remember that as a customer, you are not valued only for what you spend but also for your loyalty and appreciation - the relationships you build with your suppliers.

Thank-you notes for employees

Your suppliers aren't the only ones who help you grow your business - employees are integral to your success and should be rewarded as such. Happy employees are productive employees, and thank-you notes are one way to show your appreciate for quality work. This, in turn, makes it more likely that your employees will want to work hard to give you the best quality possible, which naturally leads to better products and services and more customers of your own.