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Using Bumper Stickers to Market Your Business

Bumper stickers have been around practically as long as cars have; and if you think they have diminished in popularity or influence through the years, you are wrong. In fact, bumper stickers are as popular as ever and more versatile than they've ever been. From a marketing standpoint, bumper stickers can have an incredible effect on your advertising campaign. There are many great reasons for using bumper stickers to promote your business - read on to learn more.

A rolling advertisement

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The trouble with many types of advertisements is that they are static; this means that they are "glued to one place?". To view an Internet ad, a person must be in front of a computer; to take in a billboard, one must drive past it. A bumper sticker, however, travels along wherever a car goes. It can cover a tremendous amount of space in a very short period of time - and bring your message with it. Drivers frequently take notice of other people's bumper stickers. If yours is designed well enough, it can strike a chord with your target audience.

A budget-friendly way to advertise

Bumper stickers can be printed in bulk and kept on-hand to pass out to customers. If one bumper sticker earns you even one extra customer or makes you one more sale, its return will have far exceeded its cost. Bumper stickers can be truly incredible in terms of reach and scope and are one of the least expensive promotional items that you can order.

Say what you want

Although you are working with a relatively limited amount of space when designing a bumper sticker, there is still a large enough canvas to get your point across. Sometimes, simply putting the name of your business on a bumper sticker is enough to pique people's interest; including your web URL or telephone number can enhance this effort and make getting in touch with you easy. It never hurts to include a catchy phrase on the bumper stickers that you use, too; something that will elicit a laugh or make people think can go a really long way. Some businesses tend to share political views with their customers, which can be a source of bumper sticker inspiration. A prime example of this would be a gun company supporting the right to bear arms.

Stand out from the crowd

resources imageBumper stickers can be designed to reflect the nature of your business. If you run a cutting-edge tech company, they can be made to look sleek and modern. If you are the owner of an antiques shop or other small boutique, your bumper stickers can have a down-home, friendly feel to them. In a small amount of space, a well-designed bumper sticker can convey what your company is all about and get people talking. There's no doubt that bumper stickers are as popular as ever. Considering their ability to spread your message far and wide, they can be a very effective addition to your overall marketing campaign. When combined with other types of advertising, bumper stickers can push your advertising abilities to the maximum potential, earning you new customers and business.