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Mini Business Card Printing Techniques

resources imageMini business cards are a hot new trend among marketers who are always seeking to put a fresh and attention-getting spin on traditionally successful direct-marketing mediums. When it comes to mini business cards, you can deftly employ them as hang tags, leave-behinds, inserts and in other creative deployment strategies to get attention fast. Bigger isn't always better, and mini business cards are both non-obtrusive and attention-getting based on their small size alone. The following details what you need to know about mini business card printing techniques to yield an excellent return on investment.

Start with a template

Even seasoned professional designers can benefit from mini business card templates, especially the free layout templates offered at PsPrint. These templates do not have graphic design elements; instead, they are pre-formatted in the right size, shape, color mode and resolution so you can save tedious set up time. What's more, they include convenient guidelines that show you how to lay your artwork out to ensure a successful print run. Take advantage of free mini business card templates to streamline your process and get the most bang for your buck.

Pick the best paper

Premium paper is essential for mini business cards, which do not have the advantage of size support and therefore require a thick 16-point cover stock paper. Choose gloss or matte finish to add an attractive sheen to your mini business cards, and consider a durable UV coating to make them even brighter and more durable. Your choice of paper and finish technique will largely determine how your mini business card design looks in its final form, so choose wisely for an effective mini business card that lends trust and credibility to your enterprise.

Print on both sides

resources imageYou should never waste the valuable real estate on the back of your mini business cards, especially when space constraints practically necessitate its use. Even if the back of your mini business card has nothing more than a URL, you're taking advantage of this primo space by drawing attention to something your customers can take action on. Or, write up a brief biography of your business, showcase a product or service, include all of your contact information or your mission statement, or place anything else on the back of your mini business card that will help motivate customers and reinforce your pitch. You might even turn the back of your mini business cards into mini coupons.

Print in volume

Mini business cards are cheap to print in small quantities, but they're even cheaper when you print them in volume. That's because offset press printing requires set up and associated fees for each run, regardless of how many pieces are being printed. When you print a short run, you absorb that entire cost over a few pieces. When you print in volume, that cost is spread out over many pieces, vastly reducing your cost per piece. If you know you're going to hand out 5,000 mini business cards this year, you're far better off printing them all at once than printing them in two or three separate runs.