Car Door Magnet Marketing Techniques

Car Door Magnet Marketing Techniques

Car door magnets are some of the most cost-efficient and powerful marketing tools any small business can harness, and for good reason. First, car door magnets reach an incredible number of potential customers – all you have to do is take a drive across town to reach hundreds or thousands of people.

In this manner, car door magnets can the same number of people for far less investment than you would spend on even the most modest direct-mail postcard marketing campaign. Car door magnets aren't as personal, however, and so you will need to employ proper car door marketing techniques in order to get the most out of your campaign. The following details proven techniques you can use to maximize profits from any car door magnet.

Command attention

Aesthetics are nice, and no one wants to drive around in a car that looks “off.” That being said, if your car door magnet design blends in with your vehicle, you might well as not even bothered – it won't be noticed. Instead, you need your car door magnets to stand apart from your vehicle. One way to do this is with contrasting colors. A yellow car door magnet on a black car, for example, would stand out well. Another way to command attention is by using images. Creative, even humorous, images work well for turning heads of freeway-weary motorists.

Keep it simple

You'll be buzzing by customers at moderate to tremendous speeds, so your car door magnets must be easy to read. Simplicity is the key here. A quick headline, an image that explains your benefit, a call to action and contact number or website are all that's needed. You could also include a logo so long as you make sure your car door magnets have plenty of white space.

Let's say, for example, you operate a carpet cleaning business. Your card door magnets might have a big headline that reads “Guaranteed No Stains” on top with a photo that depicts a clean carpet. Over the carpet might be text (written in dirt) that reads “Starting at $99/room” and on the bottom, your phone number and logo. That's really all you need – and perhaps even a bit more than you need – for an effective car door magnet.

Put one on both sides

This is an honest mistake many small businesses make, but you should definitely place your card door magnets on both sides of your vehicle (as well as tailgate or back door, if you have a truck, van or SUV). Also, see if you can get friends and family members to place car door magnets on their vehicles for you. The more exposure, the better, and the more car door magnets you print in one run, the cheaper they are per piece.

Go where your customers go

Car door magnets are most effective when seen by your target customers, so it pays to know where they go and where they hang out. That doesn't mean you have to be the creepy guy in the black SUV who keeps circling the block – that tactic is likely to land you in jail. Instead, search for reasons to do business nearby your audience's haunts. Over time they'll recognize you and you won't seem creepy; on the contrary, they'll be willing to call you when they need what you sell because you're “one of them.”

Print high-quality card magnets

Low-quality card magnets fade, crack, peel and put your car's paint at risk. High-quality car door magnets, on the other hand, resist fading, cracking, peeling and weather, and do not pose a significant threat to your car doors.