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Cheap Sticker Printing Helps You Cover the Market

Cheap sticker printing is your gateway to small business branding success. Since stickers are so cheap to print, you can blanket your market in a variety of creative ways that help your company stand out from the competition. This, in turn, vastly increases your perceived credibility and the likelihood that customers will choose your firm when they're in the market for whatever it is that you sell. Here are a few ways to use cheap sticker printing to blanket the marketplace.

Printing cheap stickers

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Cheap sticker printing is not synonymous with low-quality sticker printing; in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Start by choosing a premium professional quality paper or vinyl sticker, such as uncoated gloss paper, UV-coated vinyl or UV-coated clear polyester. All three types of sticker medium are perfect for indoor use, and the latter two work best for outdoor use as well. Amazingly, there is little variation in price between the three styles so your choice should be based on preference and application (you can print 1,000 3-inch by 11-inch stickers for about $210). Beyond your sticker style, all you have to do is choose a size between 2-inch by 2-inch and 11.75-inch by 17.5-inch and decide whether to have your stickers die cut into a special shape (PsPrint has free die-cut templates preformatted for convenience and can also make custom die-cut templates). Stickers can be incredibly cheap depending on size and quantity; as low as about three cents each, in fact.

Deploying cheap stickers

resources imageSimply printing stickers isn't enough to brand your company, and savvy marketers know that because stickers are so cheap to print they should be deployed everywhere. Every product sent, every sales call, every promo pack, corporate identity package, press kit and most forms of communication should include your stickers. You can also place stickers on car bumpers, on doors and windows, on floors, on bulletin boards, on counters and shelves, on clothing, on bicycles and motorcycle helmets, on boats, and just about any other surface imaginable. The trick, of course, is in distributing stickers where your target audience is likely to find them. Seek out avenues your audience often visits, and look for creative sticker placement opportunities that will help you blow away the competition. Many retail companies make deals that allow you to place your stickers on complementary, non-competing products. Popcorn and drink containers at the movie theaters might be a good place for candy company stickers. And perhaps few examples are more genius than that of the mouthwash company that placed its stickers on ceilings above dentists' chairs. The more unexpected the location, the more influence your stickers will have on your buying audience. Naturally, there are other things you can do to increase the branding power of your stickers. Keeping your design simple with a memorable image, phrase and/or URL is a good way to invite action as well as branding. If you can get an offer on your sticker without crowding, you can then turn your stickers into full direct-marketing pieces that transcend the power of branding to make direct sales. Last but not least, if you want your customers to place your stickers for you then they must be relevant and deliver a message they're proud to display.