Club Card Flyer Design Essentials

resources imageClub card flyers are excellent tools for attracting visitors to events, nightclubs, comedy performances and more. Striking design is integral to the success of any club card flyer marketing campaign. The right design targeting the right audience with the right event captivates attention and motivates action. The following club card flyer design tips will help you craft a winning club card flyer that draws people in and boosts your return on investment:

Keep it simple

Your club card flyer design should relate the mood and message of your event/attraction in as little space as possible. Lightweight club card flyer designs are easy to read and understand; while cluttered, heavy club card flyer designs can be confusing. Design for atmosphere. Leave plenty of white space between images and text, keep your text short and to the point, and don't use more than two fonts for design efficiency and elegance. Try using contrasting colors in your club card flyer design to help your flyers stand out and ignite interest.

Design with large images and headlines

resources imageThey say a picture's worth a thousand words, and nothing could be more true for club card flyer design. Large images command immediate attention and should be incorporated into your club card flyer design whenever possible. If you're promoting a nightclub or other venue, go with shots of people enjoying the atmosphere or highlight a main attraction such as a large dance floor. If you're promoting a specific show, such as a hot band or comedian, vividly frame your subjects within your design. Your club card flyer headlines should be large enough to be read from a short distance. Unique typefaces are OK here, as long as they're easily read and are only used for your headlines.

Finish your design

As the creative collateral expert, it's your job to envision the entire club card flyer project from concept to completion. Don't forget to consider club card flyer finishing techniques that make your design influential. Try crafting your design within a die-cut shape, a foil stamp, or a perforation for a truly original club card flyer that stands out from the competition and brings the masses to your door. You can get pre-formatted club card flyer die-cut templates, or have a custom die made just for your project.

Break the rules

Certain design tenets should be strictly adhered to most of the time; but great designers know that you can wow your audience when you break the rules. Intelligently stretch the boundaries of your club card flyer design to boost response exponentially. Let your inner creativity inspire your output in the conceptualization phase so you can break the rules ... then sleep on it before you commit to a design choice. Don't be afraid to second-guess yourself, but don't fear revolutionary design, either - often, a designer's intuition is his or her greatest asset.

Use a template

Club card flyer templates are readily available and can streamline the entire design process. Pre-formatted club card flyer templates are prepared in the correct color mode (CMYK) and resolution (at least 300 dpi). Fully press-ready, club card flyer templates also include bleed lines, cutlines and safety area designations so you can properly position your layout. When you use pre-formatted templates, you save setup time and reduce the risk for errors when you go to press; which ultimately improves efficiency and increases your return on investment. Club card flyer distribution is one of the fastest ways to reach your audience and motivate customers to attend your show or venue. Club card flyer design is integral to the success of your campaign, so consider these tips when designing your next club card flyer.