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Club Card Flyer Printing Techniques

resources imageClub card flyer printing is one of the most affordable and influential ways to reach your audience and motivate attendance at your event and/or venue. The name of the game is return on investment, and there are several printing techniques you can employ to enhance your design and save money for an intelligent and well-rounded club card flyer printing campaign. Here's your guide to return on investment-targeted club card flyer printing techniques:

Choose quality paper

The quality of the paper your club card flyers are printed on says a lot about the quality of your establishment or event. Never settle for flimsy, poorly printed club card flyers. Instead, opt for a robust 16-point gloss cover stock, which is thick enough to feel solid and has an attractive professional sheen that helps colors pop off the page.

Break size conventions

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Many companies print club card flyers in postcard sizes, but club card flyers are not postcards. Depending on your creative club card flyer marketing strategy, you could print an oversized or an undersized club card flyer. On-the-go tourists, for example, might appreciate a smaller club card flyer they can stick in their pockets. Undersized club card flyers can also lend an impression of mystery or mischievous fun. Oversized club card flyers, on the other hand, attract attention from a distance and have a trickling effect: Anyone who passes someone carrying one might also be attracted to your event or venue. Oversized club card flyers are hard to put down and are an excellent choice for most events and venues.

Finish strong

Finish your club card flyers to perfection with a die cut, foil stamp or perforation that adds value and commands attention. You can also have holes drilled, if you'll be placing your club card flyers in a flipbook; and if you're printing an oversized club card flyer you can have it scored for easy folding. Strong club card flyer printing finishing techniques help you stand out from the competition and achieve a higher response rate than bland, average club card flyers.

Get a hardcopy proof

A hardcopy proof is the best way to catch errors before sending your club card flyer printing job to press. Like electronic proofs, hardcopy proofs let you double-check the positioning of your design layout and the text for typos; but hardcopy proofs differ in that they also allow you to ensure your color matching is spot on. Even a well-calibrated computer monitor can't precisely match printed color, so get a hardcopy proof to reduce the risk of wasted time and money dealing with improper file setup hassles.

Print in volume

The more club card flyers you print per run, the cheaper your cost per card club flyer becomes. Also, it only makes sense that the more club card flyers you distribute, the more people will attend your event. For this reason, you should print as many club card flyers as you can reasonably distribute to your target audience in one run, rather than spreading them out through several runs. Club card flyer printing is economical, efficient and - most importantly - highly effective. Consider these club card flyer printing techniques to lower your cost and enhance your image before you develop your next club card flyer campaign.