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Club Card Marketing in Tourist Hot Spots

If you're marketing in a tourist hot spot and want to attract the big-money spenders, club cards can be a great way to reach the audience you're after. Club card marketing is fast, easy and invigorating for many when you take the time to personally engage your prospects Here's what you need to know about club card marketing in tourist hot spots:

Go to the tourists

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do. That's how the saying goes, anyway; but as an entrepreneur, you have to realize that reality is quite different. If you want people to spend their money with you, you need to do as they do no matter where you're at. You can be a conformist once you reel them in. This means that you should take to the streets, go to the bus stops, car rentals and airports whenever possible. If there's one big attraction everyone comes for, then it might be worth your while to position someone outside the attraction with club cards to pass out to tourists.

Try restaurants and hotels

You should also make sure your club cards are located near tourist conveniences: On counters and tables in restaurants, hotels, visitor/welcome centers, chambers of commerce, and convention and visitors bureaus. See if you can strike a deal with the local hotels to put your club card flyer on nightstands or in area guides in every hotel room. Anything you can do to get in front of your customers is worth the effort - if you don't do it, your competitors will.

Offer incredible incentives

resources imageTourists are on vacation - they want to do something different, bold and uninhibited. Your club cards have to project this image or you'll end up without a crowd. It's not enough to simply say what you have on site or who is manning the stage. You have to be an "-est" - the biggest, the swankiest, the coolest, the hottest, the loudest; anything that puts you over the top. This is your niche. Cater to your crowd with special offers such as a free drink, admittance to the VIP room, a free no-wait pass or a 15 percent "first-timer's" discount on the entire evening. Be your customers' home away from home. Give them the atmosphere they want and make them comfortable to be there. This starts with your club cards, because inviting club cards earn business while mysterious club cards scare out-of-towners.

Go with quality paper stock

Club card marketing is affordable, even when you print your club cards on high-quality attention-getting 12-point gloss cover stock. In fact, it doesn't cost anything when you do it right, because club card marketing yields a great return on investment in tourist hot spots!