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Creative Design Ideas for Slim Business Cards

Creative Design Ideas for Slim Business Cards

Printing slim business cards is a great way to differentiate your business from the competition, as most companies tend to distribute traditional horizontal business cards. Vertical “slim” business cards offer a more powerful presentation because they are unexpected and different. They also make a lasting impression because they designate yours as a company that isn't afraid to break the mold to achieve success. They exude confidence — only a business that truly knows what it is doing and how to best serve its customers will deploy something that seems even slightly radical. In short, slim business cards can serve as serious motivation for lead generation and ultimately sales. To get you started in the right direction, you can push the envelope and make sure your business gets noticed with the following creative design ideas for slim business cards.

Try a new shape

Die cuts are a marketer's friend, because the unusual is what gets noticed first. Slim business cards are unusual themselves, but you can amplify the power of your campaign by playing with the shape of your business card. You might, for example, have your business card shaped in a convex or concave fashion (like a funhouse mirror) or in a squiggle to help your brand stand out from the crowd. Simpler slim business card shape ideas include die-cut rounded corners, inverted rounded corners, diagonal 45-degree sheared corners and any unique shape or creative technique that adds relevance to your business cards.

Deploy a creative layout

When you stray from the traditional horizontal business card, you open up a new world of creative license. Simply repositioning the order of your business card information to fit a slim profile does not take advantage of this creative license. When prospects see something different about your company, they expect to see more things different – and thus it can be a trap to try to appear different if you are not. Thus, you should come up with creative ways to design your slim business card layout. You could, for example, use a large image of you in action as the background for your business card; or, you could place your image and name on one side and your contact information on the back. Even better, you could make your business card even more relevant with a very simple presentation: your name and image on one side, and your e-mail address in an extra-large font on the back.

Be relevant

Of course, you will want your business card to be relevant to your company and your customers, so come up with unique ways to design your business card to meet those demands. If you sell balloons, make sure balloons are on your card. If you are an insurance agent, make sure you depict the values your clients have on your card. You can additionally dress up your design with elegant or fun foil stamps. Thick, broad foil stamps that fill in text and shapes tend to lend an impression of pizzazz; while thin foil stamps that outline text and image frames tend to lend an impression of prestige. Choose your foil stamp accordingly.