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Creative Ways Business Stickers Can Boost Profits

Business stickers are often overlooked by marketers, but the savviest entrepreneurs know that business stickers are actually some of the most powerful marketing tools on the planet. Since they can be printed in nearly any shape and size, business stickers are the perfect way to reach your customers anytime, anywhere. Here are four creative ways that business stickers can boost your profits.

1. As branding tools

resources imageUsing stickers as branding devices might not seem especially creative, but the fact of the matter is that many businesses neglect to include company stickers on their products, in their corporate identity packages, on their vehicles, and other important places they would otherwise be seen and recognized by potential customers. Business stickers are cheap to print, so they should be affixed to nearly everything outgoing. They should be on all packages, merchandise and company vehicles. What's more, you can come up with useful applications for stickers and enhance your branding efforts. You might, for example, print an annual calendar sticker that includes your logo and other information at the top for targeted office workers to affix to filing cabinets, desks and computer cabinets.

2. As conversation pieces

When many people think of business stickers, they think small; however, stickers can be printed in nearly any shape and size, and therefore they can be used almost anywhere. The best stickers for business marketing become conversation pieces. You might have seen some famous examples of a giraffe sticker on a light pole, stickers that made it look like employees were working and serving inside of vending machines, or stickers placed on the inside of restroom stalls. With the right message and perhaps a touch of humor or creative application, your business stickers can become conversations starters that generate valuable word-of-mouth advertising. Check with local businesses and government officials to inquire about sticker marketing opportunities.

3. As direct-mail motivators
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Ever receive a direct-mail piece that asks you to affix a sticker from one page onto your order form to take advantage of a special offer? They didn't put that there for nothing - stickers in direct- ail pieces have proven to be powerful motivators. Try placing your sticker on the outside of your envelope to intrigue recipients and increase your open rate, so that your stickers work double duty, print labels with your customers' names and addresses on them for free. This is an attention-getting device that introduces your company and builds trust and customer loyalty right from the start.

4. As time savers

Just as you can print address stickers for your customers, you can print address labels for your company. It's cheaper to print professionally than to purchase special printer paper and ink, and the outcome looks a whole lot better, so you can save money. In addition, you don't have to pay an employee to type or hand-address your outgoing mail when you have convenient business labels at your disposal.