Custom Menu Printing

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When it comes to menus, nothing brands your restaurant better or gives it an edge over the competition than custom menu printing. Read on to learn why custom menu printing devours the competition.

Custom menu design brands and sells

Custom menu design allows you to brand your restaurant with passion. That means a custom logo, colors and patterns. But custom menu printing isn't just about branding – it can also motivate customers to spend more money or otherwise influence your bottom line. With custom menu design, you can print menus that showcase your best entrées, desserts, beverages, and appetizers to draw your patrons' eyes to them and make their mouths water. With this strategy you can promote your best dishes, so your customers tell all their friends and family about your unique and delicious menu; or your highest profit margin dishes, so you make more money with each order; or both. You can also create special “meal deals” that are tasty yet exceedingly profitable to essentially upsell one food item when another is sold.

Custom menu printing is attractive and professional

Diners expect your restaurant to be different and delicious, and it begins with your menu. In fact, your menu cover can be almost as important to your bottom line as your interior meal panels. That's because it sets the tone and atmosphere. Looking for an elegant experience? Try calligraphic text outlined with an elegant foil stamp. Want to promote a fun and sporty environment? Have your restaurant menu die cut into a relevant shape – say, a football for a Super Bowl chicken wings party, for example.

Custom menu printing denotes cleanliness

Crisp, clean menu pages printed on premium paper stocks such as 100-pound gloss text or 70-pound recycled matte text repel food and spill stains. For extra protection, you can have your custom menus finished with a clear laminate to completely repel dirt, grime, grease and spills. That way your menus are never ruined and rarely become greasy or sticky – and when they do, cleanup is fast and easy. No one wants to touch a greasy or sticky menu, and when yours are impeccably clean it leads patrons to believe (as they should) that your restaurant is likewise clean. That means your kitchen is clean, your serving platters are clean, your beverage vessels are clean, and your silverware is clean – and thus customers will trust you when you suggest they try new dishes.

When you have all of these elements wrapped up in a single custom menu printing, your competition will have a hard time keeping up. But there are even more ways you can get a leg up on the competition with custom menu printing. Restaurant patrons routinely respond to seasonal specials, beverage suggestions, monthly entrée meals, customer satisfaction surveys, and other special custom “mini” menus you can print and place on table tops. Such menus can help you upsell customers on new and seasonal items or paired beverages, and can send profits skyrocketing. That's the true power of custom menu printing.