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Custom Sticker Printing for Cause Marketing

resources imageCustom sticker printing is a great way to promote your cause marketing efforts, especially if you target the right audience at the right place at the right time. Before going into how you can leverage the power of custom sticker printing, it's important to understand exactly what cause marketing is. Essentially, cause marketing is cooperative marketing between a nonprofit organization and a for-profit organization for mutual benefit. One example would be a former American Express/Statue of Liberty ]]>Restoration campaign]]> in which American Express donated money from every purchase or new card sign-up to the Statue of Liberty Restoration project - and raised $2 million in four months.

Find a partner

You can similarly take advantage of cause marketing to promote your nonprofit organization or your for-profit business with custom sticker printing. Your first goal is to find a cause marketing partner that shares your target audience. Next, you collaborate with your partner to roll out a campaign that yields great results. Your marketing efforts might include direct response mail, postcards, posters, newsletters, billboards, online and print advertisements, and, of course, custom sticker printing.

Sticker shock

Stickers are a very powerful way to promote your cause because they can be affixed almost anywhere - they're universal. The great thing is that, once you've defined your audience and your partner, it is relatively easy to create a compelling sticker. Let's say, for example, that the goal is to place a plaque honoring local veterans up in a local park. You could name the campaign "Honoring Our Veterans" and partner with a local store that sells American flags. For each flag purchase, $1 goes toward the cost of the plaque. Thus, your pitch would read something like:

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"All gave some, some gave all. It's time to honor our veterans. Fly your American flag proudly in remembrance of those who sacrificed. One dollar of every American flag purchased at XYZ before Veterans' Day will go toward the purchase of a Veterans Memorial Plaque to be proudly displayed in Memorial Park. Visit www.honorourlocalvets.org to get your flag and give back to those who gave everything for you today."

Sticker placement is key

Next, design a compelling and visually striking sticker to promote your pitch. In this scenario your non-profit sticker label design might be shaped like an American flag, or even shaped like the proposed plaque itself. Create several custom sticker shapes and sizes for various applications and distributions: on local shop and home windows, as bumper stickers, on notebooks and filing cabinets, on floors at local retail establishments, in home windows, on walls and doors, on public property such as lamp posts, on clothing, in newsletters, and just about anywhere else. Remember that stickers can be deployed anywhere, so take advantage of this fact and put your stickers in both prominent areas and odd places that they'll be noticed and remembered. With custom sticker printing as a vital part of your cause marketing campaign, you have the potential to double or even triple your response rates and turn a profit while giving to a charitable foundation.