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Design and Print Your Own Holiday Stickers

Design and Print Your Own Holiday Stickers

You can design and print your own holiday stickers for business or pleasure quick and easy when you take the following steps.

Get a free sticker template

Determine what size and shape your holiday sticker will be, then download a free holiday sticker layout guideline from PsPrint. These templates come preformatted in the proper printing resolution and color mode, and have helpful guidelines so you can properly position your holiday sticker artwork.

Create your holiday sticker design

Your holiday sticker design can be whatever you want it to be, though there are a few popular ideas you might want to emulate, or that might serve as inspiration for your own creativity.

If you're a small business printing holiday stickers, you could print your logo on them to place on the side of mailed packages to brand your deliverables. You might also print stickers that reveal a special offer for the recipient, or to denote important shipping information such as fragile or must be chilled. Holiday labels represent a third use for stickers. Finally, you can print stickers that will be strategically placed for marketing purposes: on doors, vehicles, windows, floors, walls, mirrors, and anywhere else you can creatively market for the holidays. 

If you're designing and printing your own holiday stickers for fun, you might want to turn them into envelope seals with your family crest or initials monogrammed. Family photos or photos of family matriarchs and patriarchs are other ideas. For a fun holiday giveaway, print several stickers with photos of family members having fun at last year's holiday celebration.

You can have a square, rectangle or circle holiday sticker design; or, you can choose from a wide selection of shapes in the PsPrint die gallery. You can even have a custom shape created for the perfect die-cut sticker match. Outlines around your photo or holiday icons such as Christmas trees, snowmen, and snowflakes make for good holiday sticker designs. You should also consider having your holiday stickers foil stamped. Foil stamping adds a metallic sheen to your sticker design. Thin outlines around text and images lend an elegant feel to your holiday stickers. Thick foil stamp fills inside text and shapes can make your stickers seem more fun and boisterous. 

Print your holiday stickers

For stickers that are going to be used indoors, you can select top-quality gloss sticker stock or premium vinyl sticker stock, which is also good for outdoor sticker applications. Another excellent sticker stock that works both indoors and out is clear polyester, which is perfect for windows, mirrors, and food and beverage containers. Printing holiday stickers can help small businesses boost holiday profits and can give you a fun and unique gift option for your holiday celebrations. Use the resources available to you from PsPrint, and you can design and print your own holiday stickers quick and easy.