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Design Business Card Templates for Easy Sales

resources imageEven though you probably do not have much downtime, you can turn what you do have into a recurring source of passive income by creating business card templates that you can sell at discounted prices on your website. This is a perfect way for professional graphic designers to retain business from clients who do not have the budget to hire you for custom business card design services, but like your work enough to purchase pre-made (and pre-paid) designs they can fill in with their own detail. Here's what you need to know to make easy sales with business card templates.

Design popular niche business card templates

You can create generalized business card templates, but you will be more successful in this endeavor if you design business card templates for niche markets. Consider what types of businesses and industries, nonprofits, and community organizations you like to design for and come up with a range of business card templates for each category. You might have business cards for lawyers, accountants, police officers, web developers, corporate executives, flower shops, restaurants and just about anything else under the sun.

Offer business cards templates as alternatives

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Once your business cards are designed, you can make a passive income from them by creating a book of templates you can showcase to low-budget clients. When clients come into your design studio seeking a cheap solution, just show them your book and they can pick a business card they like. Then, simply pop their photo, logo and text into the pre-made design and you're off to the printer. All it takes is a few minutes of work to pay big dividends. Even better, offer your business card templates for sale to everyone on your website, which leads us to ...

Actively market your niche business card templates

If you really want to make a lot of easy money with business card templates, you have to aggressively market them. You can do this online by targeting niche business card searches with SEO and paid ads. Best of all, you can target other graphic designers who are looking for affordable business card design solutions for their own business-to-business clients. Try combining several business card templates into niche-related packages such as "100 Business Card Templates for Attorneys" or "The Ultimate Business Card Template Package." Business card templates can bring in excellent passive income for your business, but not without some work first. Remember that a single business card template could be sold dozens or even hundreds of times and yield a higher profit than a single custom business card design. Do your research to find often-searched but under-provided business card template niches, and you're practically guaranteed to make easy money.